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Alabama, and Birmingham in particular, has a major heroin problem on their hands and it is one they have been dealing with for years. While the rest of the country seems to be swept up in a crisis involving other types of opioids, namely fentanyl, Alabama is still trying to resolve the problem of the amount of heroin they have coming up from Mexico. Contact a skilled drug attorney to learn more about how Alabama is dealing with heroin dealers.

Why is Heroin So Prevalent in Alabama?

Birmingham is a major stop for the cartels that bring heroin from Mexico where it can then be sold to other drug dealers and eventually, to street-level drug dealers. Birmingham police are reluctant to prosecute users that are battling a drug addiction, as they feel it is ineffective and does not give the drug users the help they need. This is now starting to make Birmingham even more of a hot spot for people close by in other areas of Alabama as they travel with their drugs to the area in order to avoid prosecution.

For these individuals, local police departments are likely to give just a warning after one incident of overdosing in which the person survives. The second time may result in a fine, with a third time resulting in jail time. Alabama does not go so easily on those who supplied the heroin in the first place. There have been many instances of individuals being prosecuted for selling heroin that led to an overdose in Alabama. It is one of the few ways they have of dealing with the large quantities coming up from Mexico that eventually make it to their streets.

How a Heroin Trafficking Charge Can Adversely Affect Someone’s Future

It may be relevant to understand how Alabama is dealing with heroin dealers for those facing charges. In 2014 two men were charged with selling heroin that caused an overdose when two other young men both died in the same apartment complex, and their deaths came only a month apart from each other. Also in 2014, a drug dealer in Birmingham was sentenced to 20 years in prison for selling heroin to a Northport man who ended up overdosing and dying after taking the drug.

While the number of overdoses has not died down significantly in Alabama, the number of deaths resulting in overdose has. This is not thought to be because of the drug-induced homicide laws that the state will enforce when needed, but due to House Bill 208 which allows police officers to carry Narcan, a substance that can reverse a heroin overdose when administered quickly enough at the scene.

While the rest of the country battles the sale and use of fentanyl, a drug that was largely unheard of until the past few years, the state continues to fight against heroin, the use of it, and the number of deaths from overdose that have been far too common within the state.

If you face heroin drug trafficking charges anywhere in Alabama like Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Mobile, Auburn, or Tuscaloosa, call drug defense lawyer Whitney Polson at Polson & Polson Law Firm to get started on a solid defense. We offer flexible hours to fit your schedule. Drug charges are very serious in Alabama and jail sentences can last for decades in state prison. Call us and get answers to any questions you have before you go to court.