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A skilled Alabama drug attorney who has experience handling a variety of prescription drug charges can look for possible defenses for their client. Their job is to get the best possible outcome for their client in their case with a strong defense. Their job is not justice, but to be a zealous advocate for clients and make sure that they get all of the protections that law provides for them. If you are facing charges, you should contact a drug attorney who can begin building a defense for your prescription drug charges in Alabama as soon as possible.

Someone’s drug case is either going to be a police arrest type case, where they stop someone, arrest them for DUI, do a search before they put them in the car to get to the jail and find some pills that are not in a pill bottle. Or, it may be that someone passes a bad script and the druggist investigates and calls the police to come and interact with the person trying to get the prescription. There are a lot of different patterns that accompany that.

Defense Strategies

Having a lawyer that is knowledgeable about legal issues is important when building a defense for a prescription drug case in Alabama. The United States Constitution stands that every American should fight not to lose the right to privileges that have been granted to them. One of those rights is the right to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizure. A lot of times, law enforcement agencies will take liberties with people’s constitutional rights. They will make a pretextual stop and conduct a search when they do not have reasonable suspicion of a crime. Having a lawyer that understands the limitations that law enforcement is under can help defend cases.

As an example, in a case where the individuals actually had possession of large quantities of drugs, the case could be dismissed because the attorneys were able to identify a legal issue that invalidated the stop, even though technically the client may have been in illegal possession of prescription drugs. Attorneys have been successful in defending a variety of those types of prescription drug cases because the police have made a mistake in taking liberties where they had no right to do so.

It is important to zealously guard constitutional rights, otherwise, people are going to lose them and that is something lawyers fight on a daily basis, specifically protecting people and defending people’s constitutional rights. A person is not guilty unless and until the state can establish their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and they cannot do that with tainted evidence. They cannot do that with illegally seized evidence. That is what attorneys bring to the table for their clients who have been charged with prescription drug offenses and need a defense in Alabama. They are going to make sure that every right is protected.

Prescription Authenticity

Identity is always an issue and knowledge is always an issue in prescription drug cases. Sometimes, people are duped into picking up prescriptions for other people and they do not know that it is a bad script. They just know that this person claims to be ill, out of town, or too busy and they are doing a favor for someone who they trusted to not get them into a situation like that. Those types of scenarios are important in defending cases and the mitigation of penalties.

Also important is if that person has a legitimate medical issue. Most judges and prosecutors want to do the right thing. They want to be fair and they want to be appropriate. Every case is different and everyone should be treated differently based on the facts of the case. Having prosecutors and judges who will listen to an individual and have a lawyer that has enough authority to force that judge or that prosecutor to listen is important when crafting a defense for prescription drug charges in Alabama.

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