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In Alabama, drug trafficking has to do with the quantity or weight of certain controlled substances that a person either sells, delivers, or brings into the state and who is in actual or constructive possession of that drug.

Being found with or bringing certain quantities of controlled substances into the state of Alabama can be described as trafficking, certainly, as well as classifications under federal laws that have concurrent jurisdiction with state law. Therefore, when a person crosses a state line, they are both breaking federal and state law and could face dual prosecutions in a drug trafficking case. In Alabama, drug trafficking is taken very seriously in that transporting and bringing into the state high quantities of controlled substances does endanger the public. Therefore, law enforcement aggressively prosecutes the charge and the district attorney’s offices around the state aggressively prosecute drug trafficking charges in Alabama. Due to the severity of this offense and the

Due to the severity of this offense and the aggressiveness with which it is prosecuted it is imperative any facing this charge consult with an experienced Alabama drug trafficking lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced drug attorney can assist in building a defense and mitigating the damage associated with an accusation.

Elements of Trafficking

In order to be classified as drug trafficking, an individual needs to either sell, deliver, or bring into the state over:

  • 2.2 pounds of marijuana
  • 28 grams of cocaine
  • Four grams of morphine or heroin
  • 28 grams of methamphetamine
  • Four grams of LSD
  • 500-1,000 pills

Many times in Alabama, a charge that is associated with drug trafficking includes possession of a firearm. This increases the mandatory sentence up to five years and sometimes, simple traffic violations may lead to a drug trafficking prosecution where someone is stopped for an expired tag or improper tag light. The law enforcement agency searches and ultimately finds a high quantity of a controlled substance. If an individual is facing such a charge, it is pertinent that they contact an Alabama drug trafficking attorney to help lessen any penalties.

Prosecution of the Charge

There are two main ways Alabama law enforcement tries to crack down on drug trafficking. They are interstate drug and addiction units that have highly trained and specialized law enforcement officers and canine units that patrol the interstates that intersect through the state of Alabama, such as I-65, I-85, and I-20, which are corridors from drug producing states such as Texas and Florida.

The other way that law enforcement in Alabama cracks down on drug trafficking is developing low-level sources such as people that are caught to be in possession or smaller quantities of possession with intent to distribute and trying to turn them in the confidential informants to get to the higher levels of the actual drug traffickers.

Cases With Multiple Defendants

In almost all drug trafficking cases in Alabama, multiple defendants are involved. Typically, law enforcement only has contact with one person transporting the controlled substance. But at that point in time, depending on the cooperation of the defendant, it cannot be found that multiple other parties are involved in the organization.

In drug trafficking cases in Alabama with multiple defendants, the inclusion of other defendants can impact the case by cooperation agreements. Many times the first person to cooperate gets mitigated sentences or lessened sentences versus the persons that decide not to cooperate and take their chances at trial, who, if convicted, face higher penalties. Therefore, if there are multiple defendants, it is important to have an Alabama drug trafficking lawyer present and negotiate with the district attorney and with the state to try to mitigate penalties or possibly even be granted immunity from prosecution in their cooperation in prosecuting the case.

Benefits of a Lawyer

It is very important to understand that drug trafficking charges in Alabama carry a minimum mandatory prison sentence. Therefore, hiring a knowledgeable Alabama drug trafficking lawyer is paramount for anyone facing a drug trafficking charge in Alabama. There is no probation when facing these types of charges. The only option and way to avoid a prison sentence is by hiring an experienced lawyer.