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DUI charges in the State of Alabama can be very intimidating because of the potential consequences a person could face. The DUI charge can trigger licensing issues, not only for drivers’ licenses but professional licenses as well, such as doctor licenses, dental licenses, attorney licenses, accountant licenses, and transportation licenses with FAA or US coastguard.

DUI convictions could also dictate consequences with child custody issues. Alabama is a recidiva state, meaning that the more DUI charges a person has, the worse penalties can be meted out. These can include jail sentences, ignition interlock, license suspensions, and many other collateral consequences. With so much at stake, it is imperative that those charged with DUI offenses get in touch with skilled DUI lawyers who could help. The benefits of working with an Alabama DUI attorney are that they could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for those who have been charged. Call today to learn more.

Where are DUI Checkpoints Commonly Seen?

In Alabama, DUI checkpoints and stops are used as a tool by law-enforcement to try to capture as many DUI cases for prosecutors as possible. These tend to happen at night and during high-traffic events or areas, such as after a concert, after a sporting event, on a holiday weekend, and along frequently traveled roadways. Law enforcement agencies use road blocks and checkpoints to enforce DUI laws.

Steps an Attorney Can Take

One of the benefits of working with an Alabama DUI attorney, is that they know what next step to take. If a person is charged with DUI in the State of Alabama, the top three things that an experienced DUI lawyer can do include helping the defendant evaluate the case to determine what options and game plans are available to get the individual the best possible outcome. The second way they can help is to protect the person’s drivers’ license. The third way of helping is to appear in court with the individual and work to ensure that they get the very best outcome possible.

Building a DUI Defense

As a DUI lawyer defending a potential client in Alabama Court, there are many things that can be done to protect a person’s rights and ensure that they get a fair trial and a fair process. Alabama law allows for ‘discovery,’ which allows a lawyer to gather evidence that the state or the government intends to offer against them, such as videos, reports, statements, field sobriety information, toxicology information, etc.

Lawyers go through those items and start to develop defenses to the case, develop areas of impeachment of certain witnesses, and make sure that any of the appropriate paperwork was filled out correctly and the jurisdictional issues with the court were properly triggered.

Necessity of an Alabama DUI Lawyer

In Alabama, it is very important to work with an experienced DUI defense lawyer because there are so many nuances and continual changes to the law. The benefits of working with an Alabama DUI attorney include their knowledge of the law and their ability to leverage that knowledge when working on someone’s case.

Changes often happen regarding increased penalties and increased recidivism issues. An experienced DUI lawyer will know the ins and out of the court system as well as the various personalities, prosecutors, and judges.When charged with a DUI, it is important to find a attorney who has handled a high volume of DUI cases in order to get the very best representation possible.