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In 2014, Alabama Governor Robert J. Bentley signed new legislation that enables individuals who have been arrested for certain offenses to seek an expungement of those records, once the case is dismissed, person found not-guilty or case no-billed by the grand jury. This so-called Expungement Law makes it possible for certain parts of your record to be deleted entirely. To learn more or discuss your eligibility consult with an Alabama expungement lawyer today. An experienced attorney can assist in guiding you through the legal process and mitigating the damage of your record as much as possible.

When Expungement is an Option

If your case was dismissed, if you were found not guilty of a charge or charges or if your case was no-billed by the grand-jury, it may be possible for you to seek an expungement, or the sealing of your arrest record and all documentation and information from your case. If you are granted an expungement, no information about your case will be available on any criminal database. It is important to note that convictions are not eligible for expungement under Alabama law.


There are various time limits for seeking an expungement in Alabama. If your misdemeanor or felony case was dismissed with prejudice or if you were found not guilty, you may seek an expungement right away. If your case was a misdemeanor case that was dismissed without prejudice, a two-year wait will be imposed, during which time you must not commit any other offenses.

For felony cases that are dismissed without prejudice, you will not be eligible to file for an expungement for five years. If you received a deferred prosecution or if your case was dismissed through drug court or a diversion program, you must complete the program with the help of an expungement lawyer in Alabama and then wait one year before seeking an expungement.

The Cost of Expungement

You will incur some expenses when seeking an expungement in Alabama. There is an administrative filing fee of $300, plus approximately $300 in court costs, a certified records fee of $100 as well as your attorney’s fee.

Although an expungement does require some time and expense, it is a small price to pay for the benefits that come with having a clear criminal record.

Benefits of Expungement

Having your arrest and case record expunged can take some time; however, the benefits of a clean criminal record may far outweigh both the time and expense of going through the expungement process. Therefore to discuss getting your arrest record expunged consult with an Alabama expungement attorney today.