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In many cases, it may be necessary to appeal the outcome of a trial to fully protect your rights and best interests. Whether the trial court that initially heard your case made a mistake or your case involves an issue of law that has not yet been completely settled by the court system, appealing could be a wise decision.

While legal representatives who are adept in a trial court in front of a jury do not always have the skill set that works at the appellate level, Alabama federal appeals lawyer specializing in federal law could provide significant assistance. Bringing an experienced federal attorney into your case could help you learn your legal rights and options and increase your odds of success.

The Three-Tiered Federal Court System

Criminal cases that involve federal laws are tried in the federal judicial system. Nearly all such cases in Alabama begin at the district court level, which is where pretrial hearings occur and the case culminates in a trial if no plea bargain is reached. This all occurs at the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, which is located in nearby Birmingham.

Appeals from a decision by the United States District Court go to the Eleventh Circuit intermediary federal appellate court, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Adverse outcomes at the Eleventh Circuit could be petitioned to the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. While the vast majority of such petitions are rejected by the Supreme Court, a federal appeals attorney in Alabama could work to craft one the Supreme Court may grant a writ of certiorari for or otherwise elect to continue with.

Appellate Lawyers Versus Trial Lawyers

Since appeals often deal with very specific issues of the law, they are very different from typical criminal trials. Given these facts, the skills that an attorney may need to utilize during an appeal are in many respects vastly different from what would be useful during a criminal trial.

Trial attorneys are concerned with bringing as many facts into a case as possible in an attempt to prove a defendant’s innocence. While this typically involves taking account of the basic elements of a various number of laws and other legal rules, it may also deal with unsettled points of law that could change the outcome of a case on rare occasions.

Alternatively, an Alabama federal appeal attorney frequently must delve to great depths into a very fine and nuanced point of law to advocate for a defendant’s appeal. In lieu of seeking factual evidence of a defendant’s innocence, appellate lawyers must dig deep to find legal and logical reasons for the court to interpret the law in a way that preserves the rights of someone who has been charged with a crime.

Retaining an Alabama Federal Appeals Attorney Could Make a Huge Difference

If you were charged with a crime in Alabama, there may be a chance that controversial or uncertain legal issues will crop up during your case. If this has happened, retaining the skills of an Alabama federal appeals lawyer could be the best way to ensure your rights are protected through the appeals process.

Even if your case is ongoing and a controversial point of law is anticipated to impact its outcome, bringing in knowledgeable legal counsel might be a wise move. With the presence and experience of a federal appeals attorney on your side, your appellate case could be carefully constructed to maximize your chances of a successful outcome. Call today to learn more about your options.

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