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Drug crimes are more severe at the federal level since the federal criminal code is typically enforced only when the alleged offense crosses state lines. The Department of Justice (DOJ) and other similar agencies normally let state and local law enforcement handle minor infractions and misdemeanors.

When federal prosecutors do get involved, the stakes can rise precipitously. Federal law enforcement agencies have access to far more resources than their state counterparts do, and convictions for federal drug crimes carry heavy penalties.

Under such circumstances, you should strongly consider retaining an experienced federal attorney. Retaining the skills of an Alabama federal drug lawyer could be an essential part of your defense strategy.

The Controlled Substances Act

All drug crimes begin with the Controlled Substances Act, which lists the drugs and other chemicals that are regulated by the federal government. In most cases, the regulation that the government requires for a specific substance is a legitimate medical prescription. Possessing such a drug without a doctor’s prescription would violate the law.

In other cases, the Controlled Substances Act outright prohibits a drug from ever being owned or possessed. Regulated drugs and other substances are given a place in the five “Schedules” listed in the Controlled Substances Act, based on their potential for abuse or addiction and whether they have an accepted medicinal purpose. Schedule V drugs are considered significantly more dangerous. Defendants of federal drug crimes are advised to contact a seasoned attorney with experience handling controlled substance cases.

Possession of Illicit Substances

The most common federal drug offense is for possession of one of the substances listed in the Controlled Substances Act. Since drug possession is often the least severe drug offense, federal law enforcement agents tend to let their state and local counterparts take charge of such charges. Only when significant quantities of high-schedule drugs are involved do federal drug enforcement agents typically take over.

In these cases, the quantity and type of drugs that were allegedly in a suspect’s possession can lead to a felony-level offense that carries numerous years in a federal penitentiary. Hiring a federal drug attorney in Alabama to help combat such charge could be essential.

Transport and Trafficking

Under federal law, drug trafficking is a far more severe crime than mere possession. Since ferrying controlled substances from one state to another is often a sign that they are going to be bought or sold there, federal law enforcement agents from the DOJ or the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) frequently take the lead in cases involving drug trafficking allegations. When federal prosecutors get involved in federal drug cases, bringing in an Alabama federal drug lawyer to provide representation could be even more important than normal.

Call an Alabama Federal Drug Attorney for Help

If you were arrested and charged with a federal drug offense, calling on legal counsel is potentially a wise move. Retaining a skilled attorney could ensure that you can invoke your rights as a criminal suspect and defendant that are guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution while the prosecution conducts investigations and pursues criminal convictions. Call an Alabama federal drug lawyer today to protect your rights, interests, and future.

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