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After a person is arrested for a sex crime in Alabama, they may learn that there is a warrant out for them, and will hopefully be able to have some discussion with a bail bond company or with the authorities at the county jail where they can post a property bond or cash bond.

Beyond that, an individual will go through many legal processes after being arrested for a sex crime in Alabama. If you are currently facing sex crime charges, it is imperative to consult with a knowledgeable sex crimes attorney in Alabama as soon as possible. Experienced legal counsel can help combat any potential penalties you may be facing, including the Alabama sex registry list.

Initial Steps

After learning of their bond, a person will go through the booking process if they were arrested by an officer. They will be transported to the jail and, depending on whether they are able to actually make bond immediately or whether or not one has to be set will determine an individual’s immediate future.

Sometimes, an attorney may have to make an appearance in front of a judge and a bond has to be set, and other times the warrants have already been issued and the bond has already been established. In this case, it becomes a question of whether or not a person can actually make bail and be released.

During the booking process after an Alabama sex crimes arrest, the person will have their fingerprints taken. They will also have their photograph taken, which is reported to two different crime information data bases. one is the NCIC, which is the National Crime Information Computer system by the FBI, and the other is the one run by the state of Alabama, which is operated by the State Troopers.

Obtaining a Statement

After going through this process after being arrested for an Alabama sex crime, the person may be released. Sometimes, if they have not been contacted by law enforcement, there will be an effort to the investigating agency to attempt to get a statement from the accused citizen. This is always an important part of any type of sex crime investigation.

The agency wants to get the accused on the record as to what they claim happened and what is their defense. They will lookt to determine:

  • Are they claiming consent?
  • Are they denying the charge altogether?
  • Do they have an alibi?

They are trying to lock in the story before the individual gets an opportunity to go to an attorney and be advised about what rights they have.

Arrest Process Summation

If a person has already been contacted and, depending on who the agency is or depending on the individual investigating officer, sometimes, law enforcement will have already made contact with the accused.

They will then contact them and say that they have a warrant out for their arrest, or may turn it over to the sheriff to be served. In that case, the person will be served, handcuffed, and taken to jail.

There will be some type of initial event that lets the person know that the actual warrant has been issued, so that is usually the first thing that happens. After being arrested for a sex crime in Alabama, the person will go through the jail process, including being fingerprinted, informed of bond, have a mugshot taken, answer a questionnaire, and strip searched.