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When beginning to build a defense for an Alabama sex crimes case, an attorney will gather the facts, get all of the information they can from the client, and possibly go to the scene of the crime. There are many elements involved that can help a lawyer build a defense against an Alabama sex crime.

With these things in mind, if you have been charged with a sex crime and are seeking a legal remedy, it is imperative to consult with an Alabama sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can begin immediately building a defense strategy against your Alabama sex crimes case.

Initial Steps

The lawyer then needs to have a very detailed conversation with their client in order to gain any important information that they believe may be relevant toward building an effective defense strategy against their Alabama sex crime charge.

If the client is able to communicate their thoughts through writing, then an attorney may have them record a written statement. This can help the lawyer recall the details later when the trial process is beginning.

Further, an attorney may hire their own investigator to go out and conduct witness interviews. Private investigators, forensic interviewers, and social scientists can also be of benefit when building a defense strategy against an Alabama sex crimes case.

There are a lot of things that an attorney must get done before evidence disappears. A blood sample may have to be taken, for example, and an experienced attorney may attempt to send it to an independent lab to verify the state’s claims. Each case brings its own unique set of requirements when beginning to prepare a defense.

Every case brings its own unique set of requirements to start preparing the defense.

Gathering Information from the Client

When gathering information from their client to build an effective Alabama sex crimes defense, a lawyer will never judge the individual. It is their job to take that information, build a trusting relationship with their client, and be open to anything that their client says without having them fear that the attorney will drop the case.

There is nothing that an individual can tell a lawyer that will take away their commitment toward exploring all possible defense strategies available in their Alabama sex crimes case. An attorney will first begin by asking where the individual was at the time that the alleged crime took place. It is important to get this information done quickly.

It is crucial to interview these witnesses before the move or forget about what happened. Periodically, an attorney can use taped recorded interviews from witnesses to build a defense strategy against an Alabama sex crimes case. That way, if an individual claims at a later date that they do not remember what happened or any of the elements associated with the charge, the attorney can reference any recorded statements they have to prove their knowledge. These are all important elements that an attorney will try and settle immediately after taking on a client’s sex crimes case.

Understanding Relevant Facts

When building a defense, it is important to have a thorough understanding about what exactly the facts are. An experienced attorney will gather the information relevant in the investigation and spend time talking to witnesses.

In some cases, identity can be an incredibly important element. For example, if an individual happens to recount a specific tattoo, and the accused person does not have that tattoo, they may not be convicted of the crime. Things like these are crucial to obtain from any alleged victim, and will be pursued by an experienced lawyer.

A lawyer will talk to the complaining witness, whether it is in the preliminary hearing, with an investigator, or by phone call, and ask them to recount the incident in as much detail as possible. This can help an attorney to build the most effective defense strategy they can against the prosecution’s allegations.