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By: Mark Polson, Criminal Defense Lawyer Birmingham AL Offering Criminal Defense Legal Services for Over 45 years

Alabama Sex Offender Registry

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency maintains a statewide database of all people who have been convicted of a sex crime that qualify for inclusion in the Alabama sex offender registry. Criminal offenses like child sex abuse, indecent exposure, statutory rape, sexual assault and “date rape” can put a convicted offender behind bars. Even the adult sex abuse charges in Alabama are sanctioned with very tough state prison sentences, if convicted.

One primary Alabama state agency oversees tracking of those who have been convicted of child molestation, child sexual abuse, or other sexual acts that violate Alabama laws. On a county-by-county level, however, each of the local sheriffs’ offices also have the duty to monitor the compliance with state laws in Alabama that regulate sex offenders. Detailed tracking of these paroled offenders falls under the Sheriff’s oversight, for obtaining accuracy or completeness. Plus, if the probationer has CST (certified sex therapist) sessions to complete, this can be checked on to see that compliance occurs.

Tell Police When I Move Alabama Sex Offender Registry

The county sheriff’s offices in Alabama are tasked with enforcing reporting requirements for persons listed within their respective counties. which state that the individual must come in on a periodic basis and give information about his or her activities, to deter those who would re-offend. These sex offenders have mandatory rules on regular visits, plus they cannot move without first clearing the planned relocation. Members of the sheriff’s office or other law enforcement agencies perform random checks on these convicted felons. These highly invasive sex registry laws are sometimes challenged in court on constitutional law issues, and the laws in Alabama must be changed.

To learn more about the sex offender registration process in Alabama, it is important to contact an Alabama sex crimes attorney as soon as possible. Further, if you are facing a sex crimes charge, a Birmingham criminal defense attorney from our law firm can cover your felony case STATEWIDE. If indicted in Mobile, Montgomery, Huntsville, Auburn, Hoover, Tuscaloosa, Dothan or any other city, our Birmingham Alabama law office is ready to travel to your court. and we can build a defense to potentially lessen or dismiss the penalties you or a family member may be facing.

The primary empowering statute is Section 15-20A-43 – Registration and notification requirements mandatory

Purpose of the Sex Offender Registry Alabama

If a person is moving to a new neighborhood, before they even arrive, the sheriff’s office will have sent out fliers and disseminated letters in every way that they possibly can to alert the neighborhood that a convicted sex offender is moving in. Plus, many other private websites list sex offenders, where individuals can put an address in and see any offenders in the area. The sex offender registry AL may show up quickly when your neighbors search. The theory of police is that this notoriety keeps the parolee on guard against re-offense.

This allows individuals to educate their children about how they should conduct themselves if they are outside and away from their immediate supervision. That is the idea behind the sex offender registration in Alabama. Law enforcement will take the position that these people are sexual predators, and are prone to commit further crimes, thus the registry will have an impact on where they work and live in the future.

Social scientists state that a person may commit these offenses multiple times over the course of their life. They say that this is a pattern of behavior that occurs multiple times. Putting people on a registry helps public agencies that deal with children’s schools and churches. These entities can go to the sex offender registry in Alabama (by county of residence) and see whether or not any individual applying to work at these institutions has ever been on the sex offender registry in AL.

Frequency of Registration of Sex Offenders in Alabama

Each offense will define whether an individual is obligated to register on the sex offender registry in Alabama. Most, if not all, sexual offenses have registration requirements.

There is only one limited circumstance that discusses the length of time an individual must remain on the registry. This deals with younger offenders. That statute allows for their removal from the sex offender registry in the state of Alabama.

However, this is a lifetime sentence for an adult. Once they are on the registry, they do not ever come off.

Failure of Sex Offender to Report Location or Move to New Address

If a person is convicted of one of the qualifying offenses, then the person is obligated to register on the AL sex offender registry and is required to report. There are two obligations that an individual must follow through with.

If a person registers but then does not report, it is a crime. It is a separate crime to fail to report once a person is a registered sex offender. People are prosecuted for this.

This occurs when an offender moves and he or she does not come into the county sheriff’s office to report the new address. This individual, for example, may have moved a block away from an elementary school.

Even though this probationer may not have been convicted of any crime with a child at or near a school, moving too close to ANY school, in Alabama, is a violation of the sex registry law. The criminal laws in Alabama requires the individual to always make their presence known to the sheriff’s office.

Information Availability Through County Sheriffs’ Offices

The public can get information about the sex offender registry in TWO primary ways. When a sex offender moves or changes their address, a community notification is posted. This is part of a law that obligates the sheriff to notify the public of this updated information, to be vigilant about potential sex criminals in the neighborhood.

Sometimes, this takes the form of a flier on a telephone pole or a letter in the mail to homes within a certain proximity of the moving address. This notification process “revisits” the person’s sex crime history. Hence, a sentence for sex crimes can create lifelong problems for the individual convicted.

So, sex crime laws in Alabama call for both a community notification and periodic reporting on a convicted sex offender’s new location. The length of time that this must occur is established by the sentencing judge. Typically, a sex offender must report their location for a lifetime.

What Type of Jail Time Am I Facing as an Alabama Sex Offender?

Felony criminal offenses are broken down in the state of Alabama into three categories or “classes:”

The MOST serious are categorized as Class A, such as murder. A conviction in Alabama of a class A felony brings 10 to 99 years in an Alabama state prison.

Class B comes next and carries from two years to no more than twenty (20) in the state penitentiary. Multiple sex crimes in Alabama fall into this category.

Alabama Sex Offender Jail Time

Class C felonies are the lowest bracket for prison time and can be as short as one year and a day, and up to ten (10) years, when sentenced. Several sex crime offenses in Alabama fall into this category.

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Alabama Sex Offender Registry