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If you are facing charges of assault, know that receiving legal advice from an experienced defense lawyer who has the knowledge and experience of dealing with felony charges may be vital to the outcome of your case. An individual with a criminal conviction on their record can be constrained in terms of what kinds of jobs and opportunities are available. Auburn assault lawyers have seen scenarios of conviction for a violent crime such as assault. These convictions can have a devastating effect on a person’s reputation in the community and can come back to haunt them in child custody proceedings. In order to potentially mitigate these penalties or reduce them if they absolutely cannot be avoided, one will want the assistance of a weathered Auburn assault lawyer on their side in court. Read on to learn more about how a seasoned Auburn assault lawyer could make a difference in your case.

The Defendant’s Legal Rights

Fortunately, every American is protected by the Bill of Rights. All parties are presumed innocent until proven otherwise, and the government must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. The Fifth Amendment states that an individual cannot be forced to testify against themselves, and the Sixth Amendment protects the right to obtain counsel and to confront those who do testify against them. It is very important to speak with a determined Auburn assault lawyer who knows criminal laws inside and out and can use the rules of criminal procedure and evidence as effectively as possible.

Acting in Self-Defense

In defending against a charge of assault, it is important to highlight the context in which the alleged assault occurred. Often, the case can be made that the defendant was acting in self-defense, insofar as they had a reasonable belief that physical force was about to be used by the other individual.

Another possible defense is the fighting words argument. If the assaulted party was being verbally abusive in a highly personal way, an Auburn assault lawyer can contend that a reasonable individual would have been pushed to the breaking point. Arguments such as these can often result in an acquittal or at least a reduction of the sentence to probation. The law typically lays out specific elements for each crime, and the burden is on the government to prove each element. Reach out to a qualified defense attorney to learn more.

Contacting an Auburn Assault Lawyer

An experienced Auburn assault lawyer will know all the different elements that the government must prove and can spot the weaknesses in the prosecutors’ case. For example, they can consider the kind of evidence that the prosecution offers in court, if there are any witnesses to the incident, or if the case is simply one individual’s word against another’s. Based on the strength of that case, a professional Auburn assault lawyer will know when the best course of action is to stand firm and try to get the charges dismissed, or whether to seek a plea deal. If you are facing a serious criminal charge such as assault, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to seek out advice from an Auburn assault lawyer who has worked in the criminal courts for years, and who knows how to work aggressively to defend your rights.