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If you are facing charges of drug trafficking, unlawful distribution, or possession, it is important to contact a skilled Auburn drug lawyer as soon as possible to build your case. An experienced defense attorney will be able to help you put together a strong defense for a positive outcome in your drug case. Read on to learn more about how a professional Auburn drug lawyer could make a difference for you.

Common Drug Crimes

In Auburn, there is a multitude of different drug offenses, including anything from misdemeanor paraphernalia possession up to serious felony drug cases, including possession of a controlled substance, distribution of a controlled substance, and trafficking of a controlled substance. Each jurisdiction handles their drug crimes in a different manner. There are different programs throughout the state such as drug courts and deferred prosecutions that sometimes alleviate the harsh prosecutions for these types of offenses. Because every location is different, it is important to hire a local Auburn drug lawyer who knows these jurisdictional differences


In Alabama, an illegal drug is defined under the state code, and there is a list of scheduled controlled substances. Examples can include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, as well as a long list of chemical compounds that are found in synthetic drugs and compounding methamphetamines. In Auburn, there is a large crackdown by law enforcement officers on synthetic controlled substances, heroin, and methamphetamine.

Prescription Drugs

In some instances, it is legal to interact with controlled substances in Auburn. If an individual has a prescription for certain medications or if they are a pharmaceutical sales representative, they do have limited rights to be in possession of prescription medications without having a valid prescription. In Auburn, as well, there is a limited law that allows for the possession of medical marijuana oil to treat certain medical conditions, but at this point, there is no medical marijuana from a smoking standpoint in Alabama. To be in control of a prescription medication, someone has to have a prescription from a licensed physician as well as to be in possession of medical marijuana oil. Reach out to a seasoned defense attorney to learn more.

Contacting an Auburn Drug Lawyer

Drug charges are treated very seriously in Alabama and are aggressively prosecuted by the state authorities. A dedicated Auburn drug lawyer can help evaluate the legalities of any search, seizure, or toxicology testing. In Alabama drug cases, several constitutional issues arise almost on a routine basis. These include search and seizure issues under the Fourth Amendment as well as the Confrontation Clause in terms of toxicology testing, witness testimony, and confidential informant testimony. If any of these rights are violated, this will help a skilled Auburn drug lawyer to craft a defense.

There are a lot of options in terms of representing someone accused of a drug crime in Alabama to try to either mitigate the penalties or completely exonerate the charges. Certain options include drug court, a reduction plea or cooperation with the authorities as well as arguing in court in front of a judge or jury in arguing a suppression issue or having a full-blown jury trial. If you are facing drug charges, do not hesitate to contact a weathered Auburn drug lawyer as soon as possible to understand your options.