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A criminal drug conspiracy occurs when at least two individuals decide to commit a crime involving a controlled substance and then take some action to advance their criminal intent. The act itself may not be illegal on its own, but all the prosecution must prove is that it shows the alleged conspirator’s intended to commit a drug-related offense. Conspiracy is a serious crime that sometimes can be difficult to prove. Having the help of a qualified narcotics attorney may be an effective way for you to protect your rights and seek competent legal advice and assistance. Read on to learn about how an Auburn drug conspiracy lawyer could make a difference in your case today.

Drug Conspiracy Theory Explained

To be guilty of a drug conspiracy, someone must have known about the conspiracy and its plan, agreed to take part in it, and intended to commit the crime. The intent to agree to the conspiracy does not need to be outwardly expressed but does need to be demonstrated by taking an action to advance the pending offense, such as making plans. Merely knowing someone was conspiring is not a criminal offense. The intent is necessary to prove a criminal act. In an Auburn drug conspiracy, the intent is shown by agreeing to be a member of the conspiracy with the intention to carry it out. A professional Auburn drug conspiracy lawyer can prove to be a valuable asset to the defendant in disproving these concepts.

Punishments for a Conspiracy Conviction

A conspiracy offense can be charged by itself or along with the crime that was intended if the crime did in fact occur. An Auburn drug conspiracy can be either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending upon the criminal goal of the conspirators. Each level has three tiers: classes A, B, and C, with class A being the most severe. If the goal involved murder, any related conspiracy is a class A felony. Otherwise, the standard structure is that the conspiracy charge is one class lower than the goal. For example, if the goal was drug trafficking, a class A felony, the conspiracy charge would be a class B felony. Misdemeanors have the same structure. Contact a skilled defense attorney to learn more.

Alabama’s Sentencing Structure

Alabama follows an indeterminate sentence structure, meaning that the sentencing laws have various levels of punishment and judges have discretion in the lengths of sentences, fines, how long probation will last, and what the restrictions are. A class A felony carries a mandatory 10 years in prison up to a life sentence. A class B felony mandates two to 20 years, while the minimum sentence for class C is one year and a day with a maximum of 10 years in prison. Habitual offenders face even harsher terms. However, Alabama also has a system allowing prisoners to earn credit for good time served that can cut as much as one-third of the sentence. A dedicated Auburn drug conspiracy lawyer may be able to assist in acquiring participating in this service.

Contact an Auburn Drug Conspiracy Lawyer Today

A criminal charge can have serious consequences, so it may be imperative to properly protect your rights. A professional Auburn drug conspiracy lawyer can offer you their assistance by gathering evidence, interviewing key witnesses, and acting as an aggressive advocate for your defense. Contact an Auburn drug conspiracy lawyer to schedule a case review today.