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Selling, transporting, and distributing illegal and certain prescription drugs is called trafficking. It is not necessary to physically move the drugs in or out of the state to violate anti-trafficking laws in Auburn, Alabama. In many cases, the intent to move them is sufficient for a conviction. Anyone under investigation for or arrested on charges of drug trafficking would be wise to quickly obtain skilled legal representation. An Auburn drug trafficking lawyer could try to help individuals charged with this crime. An experienced drug attorney may advise you to refrain from answering questions from law enforcement until legal representation is present to provide assistance and advice. Read on to learn more about how a weathered Auburn drug trafficking lawyer could assist you today.

Unique Factors of Drug Trafficking Laws

Trafficking law takes into consideration the type of drug involved, as well as the amount of it based on weight. In addition, any planning involved to obtain, package, and move the drugs inside Alabama or to another state constitutes a conspiracy, which could add additional time in prison in the event of a conviction. Moreover, Auburn drug trafficking lawyers know that those who possess a firearm at any time during the planning and execution of drug transporting can be sentenced to an additional five years in prison and a supplementary $25,000 fine. The firearm allegation cannot be suspended by the court. Reach out to a skilled defense attorney to learn more.

Understanding Sentencing for Drug Offenses

Courts in Auburn use a sentencing structure with built-in variations depending upon what controlled substance is involved, if it is the defendant’s first criminal offense, or if the defendant is a repeat or habitual offender. Penalties are also increased if the crime happened within three miles of a school, college, or university, as well as if someone who had not yet reached age 18 was involved.

Is Drug Trafficking a Felony?

Drug trafficking is considered a Class A felony, which is the most severe of the three classes of felonies. The minimum sentence is three years imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Repeat offenders can be sentenced from a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years to as long as 99 years and fined $60,000.

The Importance of an Auburn Drug Trafficking Lawyer

There are many potential defense strategies that a professional Auburn drug trafficking lawyer could use to assist those facing charges. Someone arrested and charged with drug trafficking who did not participate in the crime in question may be able to use the defense of insufficient evidence. Other circumstances may give rise to this defense as well, including tainted or loss of evidence or evidence that the defense can suppress based on legal technical grounds. Mistakes made by investigators, such as lacking probable cause to stop a vehicle or detain an individual or failing to obtain a proper search warrant may also be applicable in certain cases. If someone enters into drug trafficking events against their will, including those placed under some sort of duress or threat, they may incorporate this factor into their defense.

An experienced Auburn drug trafficking lawyer could work hard on your behalf to develop the best defense possible or negotiate a satisfactory agreement with prosecutors. Reach out to a skilled Auburn drug trafficking lawyer today for your initial consultation.