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Volume dealers are considered drug dealers who distribute large amounts of illegal drugs, or supply drugs to others for distribution. A variety of felony charges are associated with volume dealing, including possession with the intent to distribute and the distribution of illegal drugs. Simple drug-related charges may be considered relatively minor, but volume dealing is taken far more seriously. If you are facing volume dealing charges, an Auburn volume dealer lawyer may be able to assist with your case. They could break down the charges you are facing and clarify your legal options moving forward. Consider planning your defense in a confidential consultation with a professional narcotics attorney. Read on to learn more about how a skilled Auburn volume dealer lawyer could offer you their assistance today.

Volume Dealing Charges

While possession of any illegal drug in the state of Alabama can result in serious penalties, volume dealing is considered a priority by law enforcement. Trafficking and sales of illegal drugs frequently result in severe sentences, including years behind bars, expensive fines, and the loss of one’s rights to bear arms and to vote.

Someone in possession of small amounts of marijuana on their person or in their property will not be considered a volume dealer. Anything more, however, runs the risk of framing a someone as a drug dealer. Large quantities of dangerous, illegal drugs signal to authorities that an individual is intending to distribute. However, prosecutors must prove this to be true beyond a reasonable doubt in the eyes of a jury in order to convict, which is where an experienced Auburn volume dealer lawyer may be able to help.

Auburn Drug Investigations

Unlike minor drug charges, volume dealing investigations are often incredibly thorough due to the severity of the crime. The procedure and criminal prosecution for such cases are very detail-oriented, often involving many individuals connected to the alleged supply and distribution of the illegal drug in question. Confidential informants and other witnesses are often called upon for insight into alleged illegal activity. The details they supply to the police may help determine where an investigation should go and how it may be prosecuted. In many situations, the federal government takes on volume dealer cases because they can be very expensive and time-consuming to prosecute.

By working to anticipate and prepare a defense for testimony from third parties, a dedicated Auburn volume dealer lawyer could be an invaluable ally to the accused, ensuring their right are protected and that they are receiving as fair a trial as possible. Reach out to a skilled defense attorney to learn more.

Working with a Seasoned Auburn Volume Dealer Lawyer

An Auburn volume dealer lawyer could be your best advocate if you are facing these charges. With a thorough understanding of the issues associated with such cases, an attorney may be able to cast doubt into the prosecution’s investigation, point out violations such as unlawful searches and unreliable witnesses, and ensure the accused’s trial rights are respected. Do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified Auburn volume dealer lawyer today for your confidential consultation.