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In Auburn, Alabama, an individual who has been convicted of two drunk driving offenses in their lifetime will automatically be charged with third-offense DUI if they are arrested for drunk driving again. Although this is considered a misdemeanor charge, the ramifications of a conviction can be quite consequential and have a serious impact on your future. This is when you should consult a Auburn third-offense DUI lawyer.

When facing such charges, consider contacting an experienced DUI lawyer right away for assistance and advice.

Penalties for Third-Offense DUI Conviction

If a person is convicted of a third DUI offense, the courts consider them a repeat offender. The stance of the court is that the individual is either unwilling or unable to stop drinking and driving; therefore, the court will impose a mandatory minimum sentence of 60 days in jail up to a maximum of one year.

The individual will also be ordered to pay a fine of between $2,000 and $10,000 and an additional $100 to the Impaired Drivers Trust Fund. Furthermore, their driver’s license will be suspended for three years. Once the person qualifies to get their driving privileges reinstated, they then face mandatory ignition interlock device installation—which they have to pay for each month—and must obtain a mandatory and very expensive SR-22 certificate of insurance.

Regular vehicle liability insurance will also be much higher than the normal rate, assuming they can find an insurance company willing to issue them a policy. Many insurance companies will refuse to cover a driver with multiple DUI convictions. An Auburn third-offense DUI lawyer may be able to help mitigate these penalties.

Collateral Consequences

In addition to the immediate criminal and driving penalties a conviction brings, an Auburn third-offense DUI lawyer could also explain to you the other problems you might face if you are found guilty.

Denial of Employment

Many employers are hesitant to hire someone who has multiple DUI convictions, as it may indicate an alcohol or substance abuse issue.

School Admission Refusal

Accredited schools, such as dental, law, medical, nursing, and pharmacy schools, will often reject an individual’s application to attend if they have multiple DUI convictions on their record.

Suspension or Denial of Professional License

If a person works in a career that requires a state license—such as dentistry, medicine, law, nursing, pharmacology, or education—the state licensing board may not renew the license, or they could suspend it if a person has multiple drunk driving convictions.

Rental Car Refusal

Even when a person has completed their sentence and their driver’s license has been restored, most rental car companies will not rent a vehicle to them because of their DUI convictions.

Talk to an Auburn Third Offense DUI Attorney Today

There are many other ways that a third DUI conviction can have a long-term negative impact on someone’s life. For this reason, anyone charged with DUI for the third time should think about consulting with an Auburn third-offense DUI lawyer as soon as possible. The more time a lawyer has to prepare a case, the more capable they may be of protecting your rights and fighting for the most positive result possible in your case.

Call to schedule a consultation and see what options may be available to you.