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If you are facing charges of prostitution, know that an experienced Auburn prostitution lawyer can try to protect your rights and provide you with a strong defense. It may be critical to contact a distinguished criminal attorney as soon as you are charged. Read on to learn more about how a professional Auburn prostitution lawyer could make a difference in your case today.

Defining Prostitution

Alabama prostitution laws cover cases when someone offers, performs, or consents to sexual acts for compensation, gifts, or other consideration. The definition of prostitution is set forth in Alabama Code §13A-12-121. Related criminal offenses include solicitation, pandering, and pimping. Solicitation is the offering of money, goods, or favors in exchange for sexual conduct. Pandering is the act of soliciting another to perform an act of prostitution for that individual or another third party. Pimping includes offering to procure a prostitute for another, or arranges a meeting for the purposes of prostitution or receives money or valuable consideration from a prostitute, or, lastly, aids and assists another in the act, or performance of prostitution. Contact a skilled defense attorney to learn more.

Criminal Offenses Related to Prostitution

Law enforcement can charge an individual with several prostitution-related offenses. Operating a brothel, massage parlor, or house of prostitution, which in Alabama is defined as exercising control over the use of a place for seclusion or shelter for the practice of prostitution can be used as an example. Human trafficking is also included amongst these offenses, defined as the trade of human beings for sexual exploitation as well as the recruitment, transportation, and other activities by threat or the use of force for the purposes of sexual exploitation. Human trafficking is a felony and subjects a defendant to a term in state prison as well as a substantial fine. The age of consent can also play an important role in these offenses, which in Alabama is 16 years old. Sexual relations with someone below the age of consent can add additional penalties to prostitution-related offenses, and can also be a violation of other laws, such as statutory rape.

Penalties for Prostitution-Related Convictions

Prostitution-related offenses are typically misdemeanors but can be charged as felonies if one of the participants is under 16 or has prior offenses. Vehicles used in the act can be seized by the police and forfeited, which typically happens to those who solicit prostitutes. Upon conviction, a defendant can be ordered to pay a fine, tested for HIV and STDs, and required to attend education classes. The defendant will also be monitored with frequent court appearances. Know that a qualified Auburn prostitution lawyer can assist in the potential mitigation of these penalties depending upon a case’s circumstances.

Help from an Auburn Prostitution Lawyer

An experienced Auburn prostitution lawyer can provide an accused individual with defenses to a charge of prostitution or a related offense. These defenses may include lack of criminal intent, lack of an offer or intent to pay for acts, someone changed their mind before the act is committed, and/or the other party is found to be unreliable or untruthful. There are some alternatives available to those charged with prostitution offenses, which may include a program of education and classes, known as diversion. If an Auburn prostitution lawyer can show that you are eligible, there may be a possibility of the offense being removed from your record. Reach out to a skilled Auburn prostitution lawyer today who can help you protect your reputation and your rights.