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Going off to college can be a great time for a young person, but many dangerous things can happen. Getting in with the wrong crowd, abusing alcohol or drugs at an on-campus party, or facing allegations of sexual misconduct, to name just a few. It is easy for students find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

If your child is in legal trouble, you need advice from experienced Auburn student defense lawyers who have handled these kinds of cases before. They will provide candid advice and forceful advocacy, so the young people involved can get their lives back on the right track.

Common Errors

Some of the typical offenses that students are charged with include:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Underage drinking
  • Possession of illegal drugs
  • Theft
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Assault and battery

Police officers are aware that today’s campuses are places where laws often are broken. They often watch these locations closely, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights when parties and sporting events are happening.

Even experienced, older people can find themselves in legal trouble if their judgment is impaired by alcohol or illegal drugs. For younger people who are living on their own and making their own decisions for the first time, the possibility of getting into trouble is even greater.

Date Rape

Prosecutors are more likely to pursue date rape charges than they used to be. Even if the prosecutor fails to prove the charge, the life of the defendant can be ruined just by having to respond to the allegation.

A person might get involved in a sexual encounter in an environment where alcohol is flowing freely, only to find later that the other person is claiming that it was non-consensual. The consequences of such charges, including the possibility of having to register as a sex offender, can ruin a person’s life.

Many sex crime cases turn into he said, she said contests, and Auburn student defense lawyers with extensive courtroom experience know how to find the inconsistencies and weaknesses in an opponent’s testimony.

Building a Strong Defense

It is important to remember that all Americans, young and old, enjoy the presumption of innocence in a federal or state court. The government must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Prosecutors must show that any evidence was gathered in compliance with Constitutional protections. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Auburn student defense lawyers are skilled at showing the positive side of a defendant’s life, to persuade the judge that a student should not be punished for life because of one foolish mistake. They also have the experience to know whether to seek a plea bargain or to fight the charges in court.

Contacting an Auburn Student Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one needs a student defense lawyer, there is no better time than the present to get the advice you need. Your Auburn student defense attorney can advise you of all your legal options, discuss possible next steps, and begin building the most robust defense possible.