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Facing charges for a drug-related offense can cause serious stress and anxiety. An individual charged with a drug-related crime potentially faces significant fines and extended jail-time.

With this in mind, it is critical that an individual charged with a drug offense seek out help from an experienced Baldwin County defense attorney immediately. This way, the facts of the case are still fresh in the defendant’s mind. When contacted early on in a case, a Baldwin County drug attorney will have the maximum amount of time possible to mount a proper defense and can help prepare the accused individual for what they should expect.

Common Drug Crime Cases

Baldwin County drug lawyers have experience defending clients in the following drug-related offenses:

  • Possession, distribution, and trafficking of a controlled substance
  • Marijuana-related offenses
  • Prescription drug offenses
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs
  • Cocaine offenses
  • Methamphetamine offenses
  • Drug paraphernalia offenses

The laws and penalties for violations vary depending on whether the offense is considered a felony or misdemeanor offense. A drug attorney in Baldwin County will be able to explain the offense a defendant is charged with as well as any potential outcomes in the event of conviction.

The ultimate goal is to avoid conviction, if possible. Skilled lawyers use creative strategies to help their clients put on the best defense possible they can under their circumstances.

Potential Penalties

Convictions for possession or distribution of a controlled substance carry serious penalties in Alabama. Individuals face serious fines, as well as incarceration, depending on the level of offense. Prior convictions can have a negative effect on repeat offenders, leading to potentially increased penalties and jail time.

When faced with drug charges, it is critical for a defendant to seek counsel from a seasoned drug defense attorney in Baldwin County.

An attorney who is experienced in defending clients facing drug charges will understand the various complexities involved in a particular case. The lawyer will be able to properly advise a defendant as to whether a plea bargain is favored versus taking the case to trial.

Building a Defense Against Drug Charges

In some circumstances, the defendant may have an excuse or other defense for committing an otherwise unlawful act. A few examples of potential defenses to drug-related charges include:

  • Entrapment
  • Violations of the Fourth Amendment (i.e. unlawful search and seizure)
  • Missing drugs – this is when the State is unable to produce the actual drugs that were seized by the defendant
  • Not actually drugs – this is when a substance mistaken for drugs are not actually the drugs they are claimed to be by an arresting officer
  • Non-possessor – the defendant charged with possession of the drugs did not actually knowingly possess the drugs
  • Legally recognized exceptions – drugs that have been prescribed for medicinal purposes

An experienced Baldwin County drug attorney will raise all the relevant defenses and pressure the State to comply with its burdens of production in order to overcome these defenses. Some defenses lead to acquittal whereas others may lead to the defendant being charged with a lesser offense.

Contacting a Baldwin County Drug Attorney

If you have been charged with a drug-related offense, contact a Baldwin County drug lawyer today to discuss your case. They will be your best asset to help you fight to defend your rights. Do not delay, call as soon as possible to discuss your drug charges.