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In the state of Alabama, it is a crime to buy or sell sex, attempt to buy or sell sex, make money from prostitution, or help other individuals engage in any manner of prostitution. A person in Alabama is considered to have committed prostitution if that person participates in any sex act in exchange for something of value. If you have been charged with prostitution, it is critical to obtain the assistance of a Baldwin County prostitution lawyer as soon as possible. A distinguished criminal attorney can help you combat these charges and help your defense.

Types of Prostitution Charges

The Alabama Code defines prostitution as the exchange of sexual services for any form of compensation. Baldwin County prostitution lawyers know offenses are also charged when individuals are accused to do any of the following:

  • Assist others in performing prostitution
  • Benefit from the prostitution of others
  • Make money from the prostitution of other individuals
  • Sell or buy sex

Potential Defenses

There are several ways to create a strong defense to respond to prostitution charges. Some of these defenses include prostitution charges, inadmissible evidence, lack of intent, lack of exchange of payment, and entrapment. Individuals can raise a defense against prostitution charges if the buyer or seller was not aware that something of value was being traded.

Another common defense occurs when law enforcement fails to investigate evidence in violation of the Constitution. The Constitution makes the evidence inadmissible in a court of law. To be charged with soliciting prostitution, an individual must have the specific intent to engage in an illegal act.

A strong defense exists if there was not an exchange of payment and if it cannot be established that there was an exchange of payment. Another form of defense is called entrapment. Entrapment refers to when law enforcement’s activity are so burdensome that these activities encourage individuals to violate the law.

Possible Punishments for Prostitution

Based on the sex work-related offense with which individuals are charged dictates the type of punishment that an individual ultimately faces. In the state of Alabama Baldwin County prostitution lawyers have seen that prostitution is considered a class A misdemeanor. It can result in individuals facing one year in jail and fines of up to $6,000. Managing a business location housing two or more prostitutes, however, is classified as a Class C felony that can result in individuals facing one year and one day in prison and up to ten years in prison and a fine of $15,000.

Pimping or pandering a prostitute under the age of 18 results in an individual facing a Class C Felony. Pandering by compelling an individual to engage in prostitution, or profiting from coercing an individual under the age of 16 are considered Class B felonies that are punishable by two to twenty years imprisonment and a fine of up to $30,000. Aggravated pimping and pandering are classified as sex offenses under the state of Alabama’s sex offender registration law. Individuals convicted of these crimes are often required to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

Speak with a Baldwin County Prostitution Attorney

If you are charged with prostitution or any related crime, it is a wise idea to contact a seasoned Alabama criminal defense attorney. These convictions have the potential to result in fines, jail sentences, and job termination. Fortunately, a Baldwin County prostitution lawyer can assess your case to determine how to best respond. With their assistance, you have a strong chance at obtaining positive results.