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Paying for sexual acts could lead to criminal charges for both the person receiving the payment and the person offering it. In Baldwin County, offering to pay for sex is called solicitation, and the penalties that come with a conviction are considerable.

A Baldwin County solicitation lawyer could help you fight against a charge of soliciting a prostitute by protecting your rights. By speaking with a well-versed defense attorney, you can gain the valuable insight you need to make wise decisions about your future.

Laws Governing Solicitation

In Baldwin County, solicitation is prohibited by Alabama Code § 13A-12-121(b), which forbids people from knowingly exchanging money, or anything else of value, for sexual conduct. This typically covers an interaction with someone else that does not culminate in the sexual act: Baldwin County’s solicitation law could be broken by merely agreeing to trade something of value for sex.

Due to the broad nature of this statute, it may easily encompass conduct that is entirely innocent. This could lead to a groundless charge that is more of a misunderstanding than anything else. Prosecutors and law enforcement may not see it that way and could pursue charges. Working with a solicitation lawyer in Baldwin County may be crucial.

Penalties for Paying a Prostitute for Sex

Since solicitation in Baldwin County is a Class A misdemeanor. A conviction may carry up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $6,000. The true repercussions of a conviction for solicitation could go beyond a fine and jail term.

People who have a conviction for soliciting a prostitute in their criminal history may face significant social stigmatization. Criminal records are public and may be easily searchable. Anyone who does a background check – be they an employer or a landlord – could find a prior conviction for soliciting a prostitute. This may lead to the loss of potentially life-changing opportunities.

Defenses Against a Charge

Raising effective legal defenses to a charge of solicitation may be the best way to prevent the accusation from becoming a conviction. While a Baldwin County lawyer may know which defenses are best suited to a particular solicitation case, some of the most common may include challenging the evidence presented by the prosecutor and entrapment.

The prosecutor typically needs to prove all of the elements of a solicitation charge beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain a conviction. Raising those reasonable doubts about the prosecutor’s evidence could prevent them from being able to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. If done early enough in the legal process, it may convince the prosecutor to dismiss the case even before trial.

A defense attorney could claim that law enforcement entrapped a suspect while raising doubts about the prosecutor’s case. While police are tasked with finding crime and apprehending those doing it, they are not allowed to coerce normal people into committing a crime. The defense of entrapment may be an effective way to combat the resulting criminal charge if authorities took part in such actions.

Let a Baldwin County Solicitation Attorney Assist You

Being accused of soliciting a prostitute could be an overwhelming accusation for a person to face. The charge alone may be incredibly awkward and difficult to explain to family and friends, and could turn your life upside down. If the charge becomes a conviction, the slight to your reputation could be even worse.

By working with a Baldwin County solicitation lawyer, you are taking significant steps towards ensuring the allegation is laid to rest. With the help of an attorney, you could argue that the prosecutor’s case is weak and that the charges must be dropped and could do so in a discreet way that protects your reputation and your future from the tarnish of a solicitation conviction.