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The penalties for a domestic violence charge can include facing up to a year in jail on a misdemeanor charge, and up to a life sentence if it is a first-degree felony charge. Convictions as a result of this charge could have long-term consequences. A domestic violence charge could affect your right to own firearms, to be a custodial parent, and to work in certain jobs.

If you are facing a domestic violence charge, it is imperative that you get in contact with a skilled criminal defense attorney. The benefits of hiring a Birmingham domestic violence lawyer could prove to be a vital part towards building your defense.

Experience in Defending Against Severe Penalties

An attorney with experience in defending against severe penalties knows how to negotiate with judges and prosecutors and how to see a positive resolution when there is a high likelihood of no conviction for domestic violence. Once someone is convicted in Alabama, it stays on their record for a lifetime. The benefits of hiring a Birmingham domestic violence lawyer can include someone avoiding a harsh penalty.

Credibility in the Birmingham Court System

One of the other benefits of hiring a Birmingham domestic violence lawyer is being able to work with someone who is highly credible within the court system. An experienced domestic violence attorney has tried many cases of the same nature. Handling such cases, an attorney is able to gain knowledge and a good reputation. An attorney with these qualities may probably know the best way to achieve the best outcome in terms of trying to have the case resolved with a non-domestic violence disposition.

Skillful & Professional Approach to Cases

It is important to understand that the state and the government will prosecute these cases very aggressively. Without having a skilled attorney involved, a person charged with domestic violence could possibly be convicted. A professional attorney may be able to offer you the legal representation you deserve. Such representation could potentially lead to a successful defense. Taking full advantage of a skilled and professional attorney is one of the many benefits of hiring a Birmingham domestic violence lawyer.

Acting as the Point of Contact

Hiring a lawyer on a domestic violence charge in Alabama puts a buffer between the client, the defendant, and the court system where the only person the client, the defendant has to speak to and deal with is the lawyer they hired. That takes some of the stress and anxiety out of dealing with such a serious charge. Having a lawyer represent someone on a domestic violence charge in Alabama or in the Birmingham area allows that person to communicate to the victim through their lawyer.

In some cases, the victim may have retained their own lawyer or be represented by the state, and the lawyer can communicate directly to that victim through a lawyer. That could be helpful in resolving cases where, if the victim can consent to some kind of outcome, treatment, or resolution, then the government would go along with that. Without a lawyer, a defendant does not have the right to a victim. In most cases, they are either on a bond or under some kind of protection from an abuse order where they are not supposed to speak or make contact with the victim.

If they were to do that, they can be facing a jail sentence or a bond revocation. Having a lawyer involved benefits the accused citizen of domestic violence in Alabama by being able to have contact with the victim through their lawyer, which usually helps resolve the case in a more favorable way. There are a lot of benefits to having a lawyer in Alabama for anyone accused of domestic violence, whether it is in Birmingham or anywhere in the state.

Hiring Birmingham Domestic Violence Attorney

Criminal charges of any kind require the assistance of a seasoned defense attorney. However, domestic violence charges are unlike most charges. These cases will be prosecuted aggressively and will require extensive preparation. One of the many benefits of hiring a Birmingham domestic violence lawyer is that they will be able to assist you with building a strong defense. An attorney may be able to use their knowledge, skill, and credibility to see that you are properly represented in a court of law. Contact an attorney today.