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Under both Alabama and federal law, an individual could receive a drug conspiracy charge even if they were completely unaware of the alleged conspiracy. If you have received an accusation for this offense, make sure to contact a professional Birmingham drug conspiracy lawyer as soon as possible who can work to ensure your rights are protected. Become acquainted with the following information to learn more about how a skilled narcotics defense attorney could make a difference in your case.

What Is Drug Conspiracy?

Birmingham law defines a drug conspiracy as any intent that involves two or more individuals to possess or distribute drugs. As an experienced Birmingham drug conspiracy lawyer could attest, it is not even necessary for an individual to have ever seen or had possession of the drug to be charged with drug conspiracy. In order to prove their case, all a prosecutor must prove the following:

  • The individual had the intent to possess or distribute drugs
  • There was an agreement between the individual and at least one other party to engage in activity that violated drug crime laws
  • At least one of the involved parties engaged in some type of activity to further the goal of committing the crime

However, a dedicated Birmingham defense lawyer will know that the main component in a prosecutor’s case involves proving that the accused individual possessed intent to commit the crime. A qualified Birmingham drug lawyer could meticulously investigate the circumstances of a conspiracy case and all the evidence that law enforcement has produced against the defendant to build a professional defense strategy in their favor. While investigating the evidence, they may look for any instances where the gathering of evidence was questionable, how witness statements were obtained, and any other areas of the prosecutor’s case where someone’s rights may have been violated.

Other Ramifications of Drug Conspiracy Charges

Not only do individuals charged with drug conspiracy face harsh penalties if they are convicted, but the law also allows the government to take action even if someone is not convicted on drug conspiracy charges. If the government can show that any property or assets were gained because of a drug-related crime, they can legally seize that property. Non-convicted individuals may also face forfeiture of any property the government can show was either used or intended to be used to commit a drug crime. A weathered Birmingham drug conspiracy lawyer may be able to help defend against these types of seizure and forfeiture actions.

Contacting a Birmingham Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Defending an individual against drug conspiracy charges can be much more complex than defending against other types of criminal charges. It requires a lawyer who has extensive experience and knowledge, as well as a broad understanding of how the government typically collects evidence and builds cases for drug conspiracy against defendants. If you are facing drug conspiracy charges, a seasoned Birmingham drug conspiracy lawyer may have the legal expertise you need to defend your rights and effectively address your charges. Reach out to a determined Birmingham drug conspiracy lawyer today to gain an aggressive advocate for your defense.