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If someone who is stopped in Birmingham does not have a physical hard copy of their license, they can receive a fine from the state of Alabama. On the other hand, there are also charges that involve people driving after they have been suspended or revoked, which are looked at much more seriously. Not only will that person have additional suspension time if convicted of driving while suspended or revoked, but the person also could be subject to a fine and a jail sentence. Many judges who have people come before them charged with driving, suspended, or revoked, take a hard line with sentencing.

Taking someone’s driver’s license away from them can be quite serious. Some people do go to jail for driving when they have had their license previously revoked. If you have received a charge for a Birmingham DUI without a license, an experienced drunk driving attorney can help you prepare for trial by collecting important evidence and witnesses.

Separating DUI Offenses from Traffic Offenses

A DUI charge is a separate misdemeanor offense with penalties that include a fine, court costs, and a possible jail sentence as well as additional suspension days. The law adds to the backend of any suspension, resulting from a conviction. The more the person is driving with a license that has been suspended or revoked, the longer the revocation period is. It is more likely that the individual is going to be stopped for a Birmingham DUI without a license offense. Local attorneys try to encourage people to have a license so that they can be insured and maintain the lives that they wish to live for themselves and for their children.

All cases resulting from the same incident are generally consolidated for determination, whether it is in front of a bench trial or a jury trial. It makes sense to do that from a time-saving standpoint. An officer is going to make a DUI stop and they are going to ride a moving violation and say the person was speeding, and if the officer thinks the person is intoxicated or the person has a suspended license, the person is going to get three tickets out of that and that all three will be heard at the same time.

Aggravating Drunk Driving Charges

Driving without a license generally does not Birmingham DUI charge. Prosecutors have tried to argue that it speaks to the person’s attitude and the fact that the person is being cavalier about the law or having an arrogant attitude that somehow the law did not apply to them and they are special and can drive even though they have been told not to. From that standpoint, one can argue no intent driving without a license. Speak with an attorney as soon as possible to begin preparing an appropriate defense for your future.

Regaining a Driver’s License

A lot of times many judges and prosecutors do want to encourage people to be licensed drivers and in the many courts prosecutors will continue a case over to allow a person to get a driver’s license. If there is an unpaid fine, a ticket that has not been paid, or a license just expired, the person is going to be eligible to get their license back in a short time period.

Many prosecutors and judges will agree to continue the case. When the person comes back with the valid license, they want to see a change in the individual. However, it can be difficult sometimes for people to know what they need to do to get reinstated. Many courts in Birmingham have a program where they will help people get their licenses back.  They help them do the research and deal with the requirements. These programs are good in helping people know what to do to get their license back.