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If you were convicted of a federal offense, you may be considering filing an appeal. This is understandable, however, there are many unique practices and procedures associated with federal appellate courts and if you want your appeal to be successful, you may need the help of a Birmingham federal appeals lawyer.

Federal appeals can be costly and time-consuming, and often, the appellate court may uphold the ruling issued by the lower court. This means that if you want to better the chances of your appeal being successful, you may need to retain the services of an accomplished federal defense attorney who understands the federal appellate court system.

Federal Appeals Process in Birmingham

Contrary to popular belief, a federal appeal is nothing like a retrial. During an appeal, new evidence or facts usually will not be introduced. Instead, both the prosecutor and the Birmingham federal appeals attorney may have the right to point out legal errors that occurred in the original case.

The appellate court usually does not hear from witnesses and there may not be a jury involved – court officials may simply review the briefs submitted by lawyers and the transcripts of the original case. If the appellate court does decide to review existing evidence, it may be transported to the court officials, who can examine them in detail.

It is also important to note that federal appeals can be painstakingly slow. This is mainly because the appeals process itself is slow and the federal appellate courts are overloaded with appeals. Judges are tasked with reviewing vast amounts of legal information within a limited amount of time and to speed up the process, appellate courts often hire staff attorneys and clerks to assist them.

Importance of Quality Legal Advice

Working with the right Birmingham federal appeals lawyer is imperative for anyone who wants to file an appeal. The criminal appellate process requires lawyers and the individuals they are representing to pay attention to even the most minor details and the process itself is highly procedural. If a brief is not submitted properly and in a timely manner, the appellate court may elect to not review it.

With the right lawyer by their side, a person can worry less about minuscule mistakes that have the potential to jeopardize an appeal. Throughout the process, an experienced lawyer could explain how the court handles various cases and provide the individual with the information they need to make educated decisions.

What Happens After an Appeal is Filed?

Many people assume that once the appellate court reviews the legal briefings and evidence associated with an appeal, the ordeal is over. This is true sometimes, but often, the person simply gets a new trial with a new judge and jury in a lower court.

During the new trial, the defense lawyer may attempt to introduce new information or testimony, but there is no guarantee of a better outcome. Therefore, before someone files a federal appeal, their lawyer should help them understand the potential outcomes and their consequences.

Getting Help from an Experienced Birmingham Federal Appeals Attorney

Filing a federal appeal is difficult, and without the guidance of a legal professional, it can be next to impossible. However, with help from an experienced attorney, you can file your appeal so that it has the best possible chances of being reviewed by an appellate court.

Reach out to a Birmingham federal appeals lawyer today to start the process. They can help you understand your options and the process of filing an appeal. Call today for a free consultation.