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While considered a white-collar crime, or a crime involving money, embezzlement is still a serious allegation under Alabama’s criminal laws. People may be surprised to learn that they are facing allegations of embezzlement in addition to traditional theft charges if they are facing charges for stealing from a company.

Alabama’s laws go to great effort to punish people allegedly stealing from corporations and these offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences. Individuals facing these charges need representation that could protect their rights.

A Birmingham embezzlement lawyer works tirelessly to defend people accused of embezzlement. A professional attorney’s goal is to protect your constitutional rights while discrediting the prosecutor’s case.

Prosecuting an Embezzlement Charge

Embezzlement is when a person is accused of taking money inappropriately when that money has been placed under their control. This commonly occurs in a business setting.

For example, a company may trust an accountant to deposit a company’s checks at the bank every week. If that accountant keeps one of the checks and deposits it into their own account, this is an example of embezzlement.

Rarely are embezzlement cases this simple and defenses to these allegations can include arguing that the alleged offense was specifically permitted by company policy or that it was a misunderstanding concerning the use of funds.

Embezzlement as a crime is a version of theft, so the concepts are interchangeable under Alabama criminal law. Therefore, if a person if facing charges of embezzlement, the potential penalties apply according to the value of the money allegedly stolen as if it were any other piece of property.

Alabama Definition of Theft

Under Alabama Criminal Code §13A-8-3, theft of property in the first degree applies when the value of the item taken exceeds $2,500. This is a Class B Felony with two years in jail as a minimum sentence with a potential of up to 20. Fines of up to $30,000 may also apply.

For allegations of theft for less than $2,500, the crime may be theft in the second, third, or fourth degree. These allegations range in seriousness from Class C Felonies to Class A Misdemeanors. However, no matter how minor the alleged embezzlement, a conviction can bring a potential jail sentence and a heavy fine.

Embezzlement also carries an additional charge with enhanced penalties if it is committed against a business. Alabama Professions and Business Code §34-13-7 states that it is illegal for any person to embezzle any funds or money from a company’s board.

Anyone facing these allegations is facing fines for an amount ranging from $500 to $5,000 and a jail sentence of no less than one year, but no more than five years. This essentially makes embezzlement a felony level offense, no matter how minor the alleged theft against a company’s board. If the defendant hires a Birmingham embezzlement lawyer, the could avoid these penalties.

Contact a Birmingham Embezzlement Attorney

Allegations of embezzlement are rarely simple matters. They can involve months of investigations and thousands of documents. You can be sure that the prosecutor will have the available resources necessary to pursue the case.

People accused of embezzlement need representation that can match and overcome the prosecutor’s dedication. A Birmingham embezzlement attorney stands ready to fight for you.

A lawyer can work to fully analyze the case, form a powerful defense, and argue your case before a jury. The penalties for a conviction are severe; in many cases involving mandatory jail time so it is important to build a strong legal defense. Call a Birmingham embezzlement lawyer today.