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College is typically a very exciting time in a young person’s life. Generally, it is the first time that a young adult has freedom away from their parents. Often, peer pressure and the college life can lead to conduct that potentially brings with it undesirable ramifications.  

A lot of criminal conduct committed by college students is due to lapses in judgment.  

Such behavior, unfortunately, can prove to be extremely costly to the student’s employment career and educational future. Criminal charges can lead to convictions, which can result in large fines and jail time. 

If you or a loved one is a student who is facing criminal charges, call a Birmingham student defense lawyer today to protect your rights and to start building your defense. An experienced criminal lawyer can advocate for you.

Common Crimes on Campus

The most common types of student-age crimes are when students are charged with alcohol-related incidents (including driving under the influence), drug crimes (including distribution and possession), date rape, domestic violence, possessing fake identification cards, sex crimes, urinating in public, traffic tickets, and vandalism.  

Underage drinking and driving under the influence are very common crimes that may warrant contact with a Birmingham student defense attorney.

DUI Charges for Persons Under the Age of 21 

Within the state of Alabama, if a driver has a blood alcohol content of 0.02% or higher and is under 21 years of age, then they are legally under the influence of alcohol. The higher one’s blood alcohol content level is, the stiffer the penalties that will be applied. The tougher penalties could reach the following: 

  • Up to a year in jail 
  • Fines from $500 to $2,000 
  • 30-day suspension of license 

Convictions related to alcohol can be detrimental to young students and their permanent records. Many universities and colleges incorporate these conviction records into the student’s academic record. Increasingly, employers are weeding out applicants who have a criminal record. A Birmingham student defense lawyer can help an individual pursue expungement of their record if that person is eligible for expungement.

Implications of a Conviction

A criminal conviction is a deep scar upon one’s record. It can have a very serious impact on one’s future education and employment opportunities. Typically, graduate programs require that an applicant list all of their criminal convictions on their admission application.  

Also, all state licensing bodies require that their application include information surrounding all criminal convictions. Moreover, employers are increasingly conducting criminal background checks prior to offering employment.  

College Disciplinary Boards 

Almost every college and similar institution has a student code of conduct handbook. Students are expected to comply with the rules set forth in the handbook. In addition to any criminal proceedings being processed, the college disciplinary board may hold a disciplinary hearing.  

At the college, the student could then be subjected to disciplinary penalties, which could include forced counseling, academic probation, or even expulsion. Also, the criminal case could jeopardize the availability of certain financial aid.  

Speaking With a Student Defense Attorney

Too often,  youth simply are not fully apprised of the seriousness of consequences for their conduct, which may be allegedly criminal. The severity of the punishments is truly serious and their impact is lifelong.  

If either you or a loved one is in this precarious situation, an experienced Birmingham student defense lawyer can defend you against all criminal charges. Contact a student defense attorney as soon as possible.