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In a nutshell, white-collar crimes involve a person or organization resorting to deceitful tactics for financial gain. These tactics may have a companywide impact and often have the potential to leave countless individuals penniless. For this reason, they are harshly prosecuted by the federal government.

If you are accused of a white-collar crime, hiring a Birmingham white-collar criminal defense lawyer could help you avoid strict legal penalties. A conviction could completely uproot your life, but by hiring an adept criminal attorney with white-collar experience, you may be able to defend yourself in court.

Understanding White-Collar Crime

White-collar crimes are largely committed by businesses and government employees who use their power and influence for financial gain. They can have far-reaching consequences for company employees, consumers, and investors, and they are often investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The name white-collar crime comes from the fact that these types of crimes are often committed by white-collar (professional) workers. Depending on the specific crime, white-collar crime can have a major impact on the economy and society, and prosecutors often go to great lengths to convict an accused individual.

What Type of Crimes are Considered White-Collar?

There are many different types of white-collar crimes, but they all involve some degree of deceit. The following illegal acts are often classified as white-collar crimes:

  •  Money laundering
  •  Securities and commodities fraud
  •  Tax evasion
  •  Embezzlement
  •  Election law violations

If a person is convicted of a white-collar crime, they may face the prospect of jail time, probation, and remarkably high legal fines. Those convicted may also have difficulty finding employment or housing in the future.

If a company undertakes an internal investigation and discovers wrongdoing, company officials usually report the crimes to the government and law enforcement officials. Internal investigations are serious, and more than likely, those being investigated may need the help of a white-collar criminal defense lawyer in Birmingham at some point.

Fighting Back Against White-Collar Charges

It is not impossible to defend against white-collar charges. Investigators and law enforcement officials can make mistakes, and by working closely with a Birmingham white-collar criminal defense lawyer, accused individuals may be able to achieve a positive outcome in their case by proving:

  •  They did not intend to commit a crime
  •  They did not have any knowledge of the crime
  •  They were coerced into committing a crime
  •  The company or organization they worked for encouraged illegal behavior
  •  They were a victim of illegal investigative techniques

Discussing Your Case with a Birmingham White-Collar Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are currently being investigated or facing charges for a white-collar crime, there may be a way to get your charges reduced or dropped. By working closely with an attorney, you could better understand your current legal options and ensure you have the best defense possible.

Discuss your options with a Birmingham white-collar criminal defense lawyer if you are ready to take action. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.

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