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An assault conviction in Butler County could result in a hefty fine and a period of imprisonment. Those who were charged with such an offense should not face the situation without help. A Butler County assault lawyer could provide legal representation and safeguard your constitutional right to due process.

Assault offenses can be charged in the first, second, or third degree in Alabama. Whatever degree of assault you are facing in Georgiana or anywhere else in Butler County, an experienced defense attorney could assist you with your case.

Defining First-Degree Assault

First-degree assault offenses are the most serious under the law and carry the harshest penalties. Such charges occur when a deadly weapon is used to intentionally cause disfigurement, permanent disability, or other serious physical injuries to another person. A person may also be charged with first-degree assault if they caused serious physical injury to another individual while driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a controlled substance.

First-degree assault offenses are Class B felonies in Alabama, which may be penalized by a sentence of two to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $30,000. A well-practiced Georgiana assault attorney could answer any questions a person may have regarding their first-degree assault charges and help them fight back against the potential consequences of a conviction.

Second-Degree Assault Charges

Assault-related offenses can be charged in the second degree when an individual causes serious physical injury to another person with or without the use of a weapon or dangerous instrument. Attacking peace officers, teachers, or healthcare workers who were acting in a professional capacity could also result in second-degree assault charges. Alabama Code §13A-6-21 outlines several additional circumstances where such a charge may occur.

Second-degree assault offenses are Class C felonies in Butler County. The possible penalties for Class C felony convictions include imprisonment for a term of one to ten years and a fine of up to $15,000.

Third-Degree Assault in Butler County

Third-degree assault is the least serious assault offense that a person could be charged with. This offense involves causing physical injury to another person in a manner that is not necessarily as serious.

An assault offense could also be charged in the third degree if the other individual’s physical injury resulted from recklessness or criminal negligence. These offenses are Class A misdemeanors which include legal sanctions of up to one year in the county jail and a fine of up to $6,000. No matter which degree of assault a person is facing, an assault lawyer in Butler County could provide the guidance and support they may need to challenge such claims in court.

Speak with a Butler County Assault Attorney Today

A Butler County assault lawyer could assist you in facing your assault case. Once retained, your dedicated attorney could advocate for you in court by gathering evidence to build your defense, reviewing the court’s case, and working to pursue any legal avenue you may have available.

It is best not to fight assault charges without a hard-working legal advocate by your side. Call today to learn more about how Georgiana-area legal counsel could help you with your case.

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