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Everyone makes mistakes, and college students are especially prone to making regretful decisions. For a student, the consequences of one poor decision could be devastating. A criminal record could impact a student’s future ability to obtain employment, gain admission to graduate programs, secure housing, vote, and own a gun.

If you or your child are facing criminal charges, an experienced Butler County student defense lawyer could advocate on your behalf. Having a skilled criminal defense attorney by your side could make a difference in your case. Speak to an attorney to learn about how you could avoid the consequences of a conviction.

Common Types of Student Crimes

High school and college students are at an age where exploring newfound freedoms could lead to trouble. Alcohol, college, the experience of driving all offer chances for mistakes.

This combination—along with peer pressure and lack of experience—could easily lend itself to criminal misconduct. A knowledgeable defense lawyer in Georgiana and Butler County could help students facing criminal charges such as:

Seek help from a diligent Butler County student defense lawyer who has experience handling student and criminal misconduct cases.

Youthful Offenders Status

Alabama Code § 15.19.1 provides an alternative framework for those under 21 years old who are facing criminal charges. To secure status as a youthful offender, a defendant must appear before the court for an examination and investigation as well as forfeit the right to a trial by jury. If the court decides in the defendant’s favor, it would then proceed with a youthful offender arraignment rather than with an indictment.

If someone with youthful offender status pleads not guilty to a charge, a judge conducts a trial in court sessions that are wholly separate from those involving adults. During trial, the court cannot consider any statements, confessions, or admissions made during the initial examination and investigation, although it may do so during the sentencing phase.

A well-practiced attorney could help advise students of their legal options and help them avoid the consequences of a conviction.

Benefits of Youthful Offender Status

Obtaining youthful offender status with the help of a Georgiana or Butler County youth defense lawyer could be extremely beneficial for a student. A youthful offender status usually results in lighter penalties. Judges have more discretion in fashioning rehabilitative punishment alternatives, and the statutory maximum prison time is considerably shorter. For example, an adult convicted of a Class C felony could be sentenced up to ten years in prison, whereas a youthful offender convicted of the same crime could serve no more than three years.

In instances where a youthful offender is found guilty, there is no public record of the matter—an invaluable asset as students mature and progress in their education, careers, and communities. The law specifically provides that youthful offenders could still hold public office, obtain public employment, and retain all rights and privileges.

Consult with a Butler County Student Defense Attorney

If your student has been criminally charged, the potential penalties and long-term ramifications of a conviction could feel overwhelming. Thankfully, there are legal options available.

A compassionate Butler County student defense lawyer could work tirelessly towards securing youthful offender status on your behalf, as well as speak to witnesses, review police reports, and review other evidence to build a strong defense. Call today to get started on your case.

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