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Being charged with theft-related offenses could feel nerve-wracking and overwhelming. In addition to possibly serving jail time and paying fines, a conviction could have a profound, lasting impact on your personal relationships and professional opportunities.

A Butler County theft lawyer could review your case, interview witnesses, review evidence, identify possible defenses, and advocate on your behalf. Reach out to an experienced criminal attorney to get started building your defense.

Understanding theft Laws in Georgiana and Butler County

Alabama’s property theft laws are codified at Alabama Code Title § 13A-8-2. The statute identifies several different criminal acts, all of which must be prosecuted within five years of discovery of the facts.

Theft charges may be brought where a person knowingly obtains or exerts control over the property of another with the intent to deprive the owner of his or her property. The same is true where a person knowingly obtains another’s property by deception, from law enforcement custody, or when it is left in or near a trailer or dropbox belonging to a charitable organization. Individuals should speak to a seasoned Butler County theft lawyer to understand the charges against them and the potential consequences of a conviction.

Theft Penalty Classification System

Depending on either the type of property stolen or its value, there are different penalties an individual could face if convicted.

First Degree Theft

An individual may be charged with first-degree theft when the stolen property is valued more than $2,500, was taken off someone’s person, or involved a motor vehicle, regardless of its value. If the property is worth at least $1,000 and was taken as part of a plan or scheme to sell to another with the knowledge that the property was stolen, then a first-degree theft charge could also be warranted.

Theft in the first degree is a Class B felony, and punishable by two to 20 years in prison and fines up to either $30,000 or double the value of the stolen property.

Second Degree Theft

Theft in the second degree involves stolen property that is worth between $1,500 and $2,500. The law also makes clear that theft of a controlled substance, livestock, or firearm is considered second-degree theft. It is a Class C felony and therefore subject to a prison sentence of up to ten years with a minimum of one year and one day and fines up to either $15,000 or double the value of the stolen property.

Third Degree Theft

Theft of property that is either worth more than $500 and less than $1,500 or involves a stolen credit or debit card constitutes third-degree theft. This charge is classified as a Class D felony and carries a sentence of between one year and one day to five years, and fines up to either $7,500 or double the value of the stolen property. People facing theft charges should seek an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

How a Butler County Theft Attorney Could Assist You

Individuals are presumed innocent until the prosecution proves the defendant’s guilt. In Butler County theft crime cases, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knowingly took the property of another without the intent to return it.

A Butler County theft lawyer could make the difference in your case by potentially mitigating the charges or pursuing a successful defense at trial. Schedule a consultation today.

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