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City v. M

Case: City v. M- DUI Arrest with Refusal To Take Breath Test, Improper Lane Usage-Dismissal Agreement
Synopsis: Client was stopped by a municipal police officer, at approximately midnight, for a violation of Alabama’s Improper Lane Usage Law.  Client admitted to the officer having just left a bar and having drank several drinks.  Client was asked to step from her car and was given standardized field sobriety tests.  The arresting officer concluded that Client should be arrested for a violation of Alabama’s DUI Law.  Client was taken to the police department and refused to submit to the breath test.  Client faced 24 months of Ignition Interlock if convicted of DUI, along with other penalties.
Outcome: Alabama DUI Lawyer Whitney Polson successfully negotiated for client’s DUI charge to be dismissed.  This agreement saved client from 2 years of Ignition Interlock under Alabama’s Ignition Interlock Laws and DUI statute.