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Case: State v. G

Case: State v. G
Charge: Distribution of Controlled Substance/Trafficking Controlled Substance
Case Synopsis: Client was set-up by a confidential informant working for the drug task force.  On two separate occasions, the confidential informant bought a large quantity of controlled substances from client.  These transactions were recorded.  Client was arrested for two counts of Distribution of a Controlled Substance under Alabama Law.  Upon review of the file, the District Attorney concluded client could be prosecuted under Alabama Drug Laws for Trafficking of Controlled Substances due to the weight of the substance sold.  Client was facing a minimum mandatory prison sentence of up to 25 years under a Trafficking Prosecution.
Outcome: Birmingham Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer Whitney Polson successfully negotiated with the District Attorney to dismiss one count of distribution and reduce the second count to simple possession.  Client was given probation.