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Case: City v. D

Charge: Resisting Arrest, DUI and Reckless Driving, Dismissal All Charges
Case Synopsis: Client was stopped by a municipal police officer for “spinning out” of a parking lot.  Officer noted client had slurred speech and client stated alcohol had been consumed prior to driving.  When the officer was running client’s driver information over the radio, client drove away.  Officer chased client for a short distance and stopped client a second time.  Client was ordered from the car and asked to perform field sobriety tests.  Client refused to take the field sobriety tests and an altercation ensued with the officer.  Client became combative and was tazed.  Client was arrested for DUI, Resisting Arrest and Reckless Driving.
Outcome: Birmingham Alabama DUI Defense Lawyer Whitney Polson successfully negotiated for a dismissal agreement of all charges.