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State of Alabama v. BE

Case: State of Alabama v. BE- Felony Domestic Violence Dismissed
Synopsis: Client was charged under Alabama Felony Domestic Violence laws of Strangulation/Suffocation.  Client was involved in a fight with his wife at their home.  Client maintained self-defense; though, the victim had bruising to her neck and face area.  Client fled the home, with his children, and called 911 for help.  The victim also called 911 for help.  When the officers arrived at the location of client, they found him upset and visibly shaken.  Client had cuts and marks on his arms.  Client was ultimately arrested and charged with Felony Domestic Violence.  Under Alabama Domestic Violence Laws, client was facing up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.
Outcome: Birmingham Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer Whitney Polson successfully litigated with the District Attorney’s Office and the case was dismissed in District Court.