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Being convicted of a felony criminal offense is bad enough; however, being convicted of a sex crime has even more significant repercussions that can last well beyond the amount of prison time that you potentially could serve for the crime.

Sex crimes carry a social stigma that can haunt you for years, no matter where you live. The life-altering ramifications of a sex crime conviction can include mandatory placement on the sex offender registry, restrictions on where you live, and limitations on your ability to see your children.

In order to minimize the possibility of these negative consequences, you may want to look to an experienced attorney. A Covington County sex crimes lawyer may be able to provide you with valuable assistance.

Common Sex Crimes Charges

One common type of sexual offense in Covington County is rape. Pursuant to Alabama Criminal Code § 13A-6-61, first-degree rape is forcible sexual intercourse between two individuals of the opposite sex, intercourse by individuals who are 16 or older with individuals of the opposite sex who are 12 or younger, or intercourse with individuals of the opposite sex who cannot give consent due to mental defect or physical restraint. First-degree rape is a Class A felony.

Another common charge is sexual misconduct which occurs under Criminal Code § 13A-6-65 if individuals engage in sexual intercourse without one individual’s consent, or where consent was obtained by fraud or artifice, or in deviate sexual intercourse other than that covered by Alabama’s laws against sodomy. This is a Class A misdemeanor in Covington County.

Finally, according to Criminal Code § 13A-6-66, sexual abuse in the first degree involves individuals forcing others into some form of sexual contact, or situations in which a victim cannot consent due to mental or physical incapacitation. Second-degree sexual abuse involves individuals over the age of 16 having sexual contact with individuals who are between the ages of 16 and 12, or individuals who have sexual contact with someone who is incapable of consent.

Potential Penalties in Covington County

These are just a few of the sexual offenses proscribed by Alabama law. The charges can range from a Class A felony to a Class A misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances, which can result in significant prison sentences, periods of probation, and high fines.

Many of these offenses also are likely to result in mandatory registration on the sex offender registry, which notifies the general public that individuals have been convicted of a sex crime. Due to the severity of these potential punishments, anyone accused of a sex crime may want to seek the advice of a Covington County sex crimes lawyer.

Contact a Covington County Sex Crimes Attorney Today

Sex crime convictions carry serious penalties under Alabama law, but the social and professional stigma that results from being labeled a sex offender is perhaps more severe than most other criminal convictions.

Contact a Covington County sex crimes lawyer, who may be able to help you devise an aggressive strategy and defense in your case and minimize the negative consequences of a sex crimes conviction.