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While working a traffic ticket lawyer when you are facing a traffic or speeding ticket initially may seem like an unnecessary cost, the cost is nothing compared to the expenses that you can face as a result of a ticket.

From drastic increases in car insurance rates on a long-term basis to high fines and even the loss of your driver’s license, you may not be able to afford another ticket, especially if you have a history of traffic violations. With the help of a professional attorney, you may be able to successfully fight your ticket and avoid these high costs. Do not hesitate, get in touch with a Covington County traffic lawyer.

Typical Types of Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets can involve many different violations of the rules of the road, some of which are far more serious than others. Some common types of traffic tickets in Covington County can include speeding, failing to yield to oncoming traffic, failing to observe a stop sign or red light, and driving without insurance.

Additionally, individuals may receive tickets for texting while driving, following too closely, traveling too fast for conditions, and passing a stopped school bus.

While a minor traffic infraction may seem like no big deal, these minor infractions can add up quickly, and result in one expensive problem. Traffic tickets often add points to individuals’ drivers’ licenses and when those points add up to a certain amount, individuals could face the loss of their drivers’ licenses, mandatory community service hours, fines, license reinstatement fees, and required enrollment in and completion of a traffic school or defensive driving courses.

Going to Traffic Court in Covington County

For visitors from out of state or even individuals who are not well-acquainted with the criminal justice system, appearing in traffic court can be an intimidating, confusing, and inconvenient event. Traffic tickets may be scheduled for court fairly quickly, so getting advice and legal representation by a Covington County traffic lawyer, if desired, must occur on a fairly prompt basis. An attorney with knowledge of not only traffic laws, but local court procedures, may be able to present options to individuals that can avoid or minimize the black marks on their driving records.

Tickets Add Points to Driver’s Licenses

The following tickets can add points to individuals’ licenses

• Speeding – 2 points (1-25 mph over the limit) or 5 points (25 or greater mph over the limit)
• Failure to yield – 5 points
• Illegal passing or driving on the wrong side of the road – 4 points

Points remain on individuals’ licenses for two years from the date that they are convicted or plead guilty to the corresponding traffic offense. Individuals can face license suspensions if they accrue too many points within a two-year period, as follows:

• 12 – 14 points – 60-day license suspension
• 15 – 17 points – 90-day license suspension
• 18 – 20 points – 120-day license suspension
• 21 – 23 points – 180-day license suspension
• 24 or more points – 365-day license suspension

As a result of these consequences, contacting a traffic attorney in Covington County may help individuals avoid what could be a lengthy driver’s license suspension.

Get Advice from a Covington County Traffic Attorney Today

Every traffic ticket that you receive has potentially adverse effects on your future. Most individuals rely heavily on their drivers’ licenses to travel to and from work and transport children and family members to school, appointments, and the grocery store. In some communities, public transportation may be unavailable or inaccessible, which makes having a driver’s license all the more important.

If you have received a traffic ticket, no matter how minor it may seem, getting advice from a Covington County traffic lawyer may be able to help you avoid its potentially costly repercussions.