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There is often a real possibility that a case does not go the way a defendant might prefer. If a poor decision is reached through flawed reasoning or unjust means, the legal system provides a process for people to appeal their cases to a higher court.

The appeals process essentially allows an individual to review—and in some cases retry—their case in a higher court, giving them a chance to correct an error or further clarify the law. The possibility of receiving a different decision on a case could be an important one to pursue, and it may be overwhelming to handle alone.

A Crenshaw County appeals lawyer could help you through the process and explain the steps needed to appeal your case to a higher court. A skilled criminal attorney could help you learn your rights and legal options.

The Appeals Process

Contrary to the process in a trial court, there is no trial in the appeals process. While no new information or facts can be added to the record, the case in its entirety is reviewed. Both criminal and civil cases may be appealed to a higher court.

Most of the work to garner an appeal happens through a person’s Crenshaw County attorney researching and writing a convincing argument on why the original decision was flawed. This often entails looking at the case for a reversible error that occurred during the trial proceedings. A reversible error is one which the appeals court could either overturn as a decision from the trial court proceedings or require that the trial court provide more information about so that the appeals court can take action on the original conviction.

The appeal court decides whether to confirm the original ruling or to overturn the decision based on the brief that the lawyer gives them. Consequently, if someone is looking to appeal their court decision, it could be crucial for them to have representation from knowledgeable legal counsel immediately.

Getting New Counsel May Help a Defendant’s Case

Most trial lawyers do not know how to handle appeals. Their primary focus area is either criminal defense or prosecution during trial proceedings and their types of preparation are best suited for a trial process, which includes collecting documents and witnesses. Given that an appeal does not include a trial, a trial attorney’s usefulness may be limited in an appeal setting.

It is also advisable for a defendant to get a fresh perspective on a case they intend to appeal. A new set of eyes may be able to offer new ideas and build a strong argument which differs from that presented in the original case. An appeals lawyer in Crenshaw County could review all the documents that were involved with the case and could request the transcript from the case to look for any possibly reversible errors.

Contacting a Crenshaw County Appeals Attorney

An experienced Crenshaw County appeals lawyer could be ready to help you through the appeals process. Given certain time constraints, it is often crucial to act as soon as possible. There is a finite amount of time after the original trial court decision is made in which you can appeal your case to a higher court. Get in contact with a qualified attorney as soon as possible to begin the process of appealing your case.