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An assault conviction on your record could be a considerable disadvantage when looking for employment, applying to institutions of higher education, and even seeking housing. Even if the injuries occurred by accident or in self-defense, you might still face charges for assault and their possible consequences if convicted.

Seeking out a Crenshaw County assault lawyer for advice may be your best chance to fight back against the charges laid against you. A qualified criminal defense attorney could investigate the facts that led to the assault at issue and help you determine the best course of action for the defense of your case.

Defining First-Degree Assault in Crenshaw County

Assault offenses range from first-degree assault, which is the most severe assault crime, to third-degree assault, which is the least serious assault crime. It should be noted that a conviction for any degree of assault can have harsh repercussions. Advice from an assault lawyer in Crenshaw County may be instrumental in mounting a strong defense to assault charges.

Under Alabama Code §13A-6-20, first-degree assault occurs when individuals act intentionally or recklessly to cause serious bodily injuries to others. First-degree assault always involves some circumstances that make the assault more serious than other assault charges. This may include severe physical injuries that occur as a result of:

A first-degree assault also may occur when persons intentionally cause severe and permanent disfigurement to others or destroy or impair the members or organs of others.

Assault in the first degree is a Class B felony, which may result in a two to 20-prison sentence under Ala. Code §13A-5-6. However, if the first-degree assault involved the use of a deadly weapon or firearm, individuals may face a mandatory minimum ten-year prison sentence.

Second-Degree Assault Offenses

Ala. Code §13A-6-21 defines second-degree assault as occurring when individuals take intentional action and cause serious physical injuries to others. A second-degree assault also may arise if persons use a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument to inflict physical injuries intentionally or to inflict severe bodily injuries to others recklessly. Assault in the second degree is a Class C felony that carries a potential prison term of one to ten years upon conviction.

Second-degree assault may also occur when someone intentionally trying to prevent certain individuals from carrying out their official duties. Individuals who have such duties may include peace officers, correctional officers, utility workers, or other emergency first responders.

When injuries from an assault occur to teachers, public school employees, or health care workers while on duty, it also can constitute second-degree assault. A person may also commit second-degree assault if they intentionally administer drugs or other harmful substances to others without their consent and with the intent to cause them physical or mental harm.

Third-Degree Assault Charges

According to Ala. Code §13A-6-22, third-degree assault is a Class A misdemeanor, which may result in a jail sentence of up to one year. Third-degree assault typically involves intentionally or recklessly causing physical injuries to others or causing physical injuries with the intent to prevent peace officers from carrying out their duties. As a Crenshaw County assault attorney could explain, third-degree assault also could occur when individuals use deadly weapons or dangerous instruments with criminal negligence to cause physical injuries to others.

Seek a Crenshaw County Assault Attorney for Advice

While assault charges often bring fear, doubts, and feelings of being completely overwhelmed, individuals who are facing these charges should not give up, as certain defenses may be available to you in assault cases. A Crenshaw County assault lawyer may be able to analyze your situation and determine whether any such defenses apply to your particular situation.

Getting legal advice at the outset of your situation could be crucial to you exploring all available options and making decisions about the course of your criminal case. Call today to set up a consultation.