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Solicitation is defined under Alabama state law as offering money or coercing an individual to commit a crime. Put more simply, it is paying someone to break the law. While solicitation can technically occur for any crime under Crenshaw County and federal law, it is typically linked to the solicitation of prostitution.

Combined with the aforementioned definition of solicitation, solicitation of prostitution is requesting a sexual act in exchange for either money or something of monetary value. It is important to understand that no sexual act needs to be completed for there to be a solicitation charge—merely agreeing to pay for a sexual act is enough to qualify as a criminal offense.

Being charged with solicitation could result in consequences that span further than criminal penalties, potentially having a drastic effect on your reputation and relationships as well as career opportunities. Individuals who have been charged with soliciting a prostitute may need the expertise of a Crenshaw County attorney to fight for them in the courtroom. If you are facing such charges, consider talking to a criminal defense attorney about your legal options. Call a Crenshaw County solicitation lawyer today.

Possible Penalties for a Solicitation Conviction

While solicitation for prostitution is considered a misdemeanor under Alabama state law, even a misdemeanor can carry serious consequences. If convicted of the charge, an individual might face up to a year in prison and a fine of $6,000.

The conviction and penalties might be exacerbated by various other factors. These factors may include if the individual had any prior convictions or if the other party was a minor, in which case the charge may be bumped up to a felony.

Being convicted of solicitation involving a minor may result in a permanent sex offender registry, which is publicly available information. While the penalties for a solicitation charge are serious, there are certain legal defenses that a Crenshaw County solicitation attorney could discuss with a defendant.

Potential Defenses to Solicitation of Prostitution

Typically, the strategy utilized by a solicitation lawyer in Crenshaw County would focus on whether there was actually an agreement to exchange sex for money. A dedicated attorney could try to prove that while there was an agreement to a sexual act, it was not dependent on the fact that one party would be paid by the other—rather, just a consensual act between two consenting parties.

There are a variety of other defenses that, depending on the circumstances, qualified legal counsel could provide advice about and potentially pursue on a defendant’s behalf. A lawyer could also explain what may be expected in trial and advise on conduct during the proceedings.

What a Crenshaw County Solicitation Attorney Could Do to Help

While facing a solicitation charge could be overwhelming and embarrassing, a Crenshaw County solicitation lawyer could be ready to review your case and may be able to build a strong defense of your legal rights and best interests. Do not wait to get started on your case—call today to begin the legal process.