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Case: Domestic Violence Assault and Aggravated DUI Charge Dismissed

Charge: Domestic Violence Assault and Aggravated DUI, Dismissed

Case Synopsis: Client had been at a family gathering, where she got in to a fight with her husband. Client drew a pistol and struck her husband in the face, causing injury. Family members called the police. Client had been heavily drinking throughout the day and attempted to flee from the house in her car. Client was stopped in her car a short distance from the home. Client registered 3 times the Alabama blood alcohol legal limit, when she was breath tested on the Alabama approved breath test device and registered a .24 g/210L. Client was arrested and charged under Alabama Domestic Violence Laws with Domestic Violence 3rd-Assault and Aggravated DUI under Alabama DUI Laws. Client faced the potential for up to 2 years in jail and possible fines as high as $8,000 or more.

Outcome: Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer Whitney Polson had the cases set for trial int he District Court of the County. On the trial date, the State of Alabama agreed to a settlement agreement whereby both the Alabama DUI charge and Alabama Domestic Violence charge would be dismissed.