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When a person is accused of a white collar crime (like fraud or embezzlement); a drug or alcohol-related violation (such as DUI or possession); or a violent act against a person (including assault, domestic violence, or a sex crime), the first call they should make is to a Homewood criminal defense lawyer. Police and prosecutors are busy preparing their cases against you. Do not try to fight them alone.

An arrest that leads to a criminal conviction can be devastating, now and in the future. The impacts may last long beyond any trial, jail or prison time, and other penalties. Enlist the aid of a competent defense attorney who can help mitigate the damage regardless of the type of criminal offense.

Alabama Criminal Laws

Crimes are charged under Title 13A of the Alabama State Code. The Criminal Code is complex and extensive and defines each crime and its elements. Common criminal charges include:

  • Crimes against persons: criminally negligent homicide 13A-6-4, assault §13A-6-20, reckless endangerment §13A-6-24, and kidnapping §13A-6-43
  • Property crimes: criminal trespass §13A-7-2, burglary §13A-7-5, arson §13A-7-41
  • Sex offenses: rape 13A-6-61, sexual abuse §13A-6-66, indecent exposure §13A-6-68

Prosecutors will attempt to prove every element of a criminal offense to obtain a conviction. If they are able to do that, the court will impose penalties, which can be severe under Alabama law. Most felonies carry a lengthy term of incarceration, and misdemeanors are punishable by fines and jail time. Even a first-time DUI charge can have a lasting impact with the loss of a license, a steep fine, and other sanctions that impact day-to-day life.

Rely on a Homewood defense attorney who knows the Criminal Code and sentencing guidelines to achieve the best possible outcome. When prosecutors call with plea bargains or threats of the harshest available sentence, be prepared with an advocate who knows the law.

Benefits of Legal Representation

A skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable criminal attorney can pursue every legal avenue for a client. In challenging the state’s case at the earliest possible stage by questioning witnesses and evidence, a lawyer may be able to mitigate the charges and penalties. In some cases, they can even have charges reduced or dropped.

The rights of every person accused of a crime are important. Protecting those rights is part of an aggressive and well-planned defense that only a qualified criminal attorney in Homewood can provide. A lawyer’s sound legal strategy is key to maintaining the right to a fair trial, constitutional protections, and liberty.

Importance of An Attorney

An arrest is sudden and often unforeseen. If it happens, do not wait for an out-of-town lawyer. Trust a Homewood criminal attorney who knows Alabama law and the local courts to be there when it is needed most.

An arrest does not always lead to a conviction, and a conviction does not have to ruin your future. With the help of a local criminal defense attorney, fight criminal charges, mitigate the damage, and begin rebuilding today.