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When two or more people agree to commit a crime, they may be charged with conspiracy. Even if the crime is not ultimately committed, the agreement and subsequent planning still amount to a criminal conspiracy.

To prove conspiracy, a prosecutor must establish that someone knowingly and voluntarily joined one or more other people and agreed or conspired to commit a specific crime and that at least one person committed some kind of overt act to further the conspiracy.

Anyone facing charges of criminal conspiracy may benefit from the legal assistance and advice of a skilled attorney. Contact a Hoover conspiracy lawyer today.

Drug Conspiracy

A common conspiracy charge is drug conspiracy, defined under Hoover law as any conspiracy in relation to any drug offense. Under the letter of this law, a drug conspiracy could involve drug trafficking, distribution of drugs, or drug possession, or any combination of various drug crimes. In other words, one person with the intent to traffic, distribute, or possess drugs must agree with or cause the illegal action of someone else who intends to traffic, distribute or possess drugs in order to be charged with conspiracy.

With a charge of drug conspiracy, it is not necessary that the person charged actually had contact with the drugs in question, or even that they saw the drugs. Instead, a drug conspiracy charge is based on intent and agreement to act, not the actual drugs themselves. Courts in Hoover may also accept benign acts and circumstantial evidence as tangible proof of conspiracy.

In Hoover, you can be charged with both conspiracies for a drug-related crime and the drug-related crime itself. Furthermore, drug conspiracy crimes are serious in Alabama, and those convicted on drug conspiracy often receive the same level of punishment as they would—or do—for the actual drug crime. If charged, it is strongly recommended to speak with a Hoover conspiracy lawyer to get started on building a defense.

Conspiracy to Commit a Felony

Another common conspiracy charge is the conspiracy to commit a felony. This is a conspiracy in relation to any crime that amounts to a felony in Alabama.

In particular, conspiracy to commit fraud—a conspiracy in relation to any type of criminal fraud—has become more and more well-known lately, thanks to the rising numbers of white-collar crimes involving money that has entered the news cycle in recent years, such as credit card fraud, pyramid schemes, and Ponzi schemes. Fraud can also include non-monetary crimes such as a fraudulent representation of a birth certificate or a social security card.

These are only a few examples of commonly found conspiracy charges. Generally speaking, if a crime can be committed, there is likely a conspiracy charge that can be attached to it. Consult with a Hoover conspiracy lawyer to learn more.

Speak with a Hoover Conspiracy Attorney Today

If you are facing conspiracy charges, you may need an experienced Hoover conspiracy lawyer to help you mount an adequate defense. Conspiracy cases are challenging and extremely detailed, and you will likely want a lawyer who knows the Alabama court system and can aggressively advocate on your behalf. Call today to set up a consultation and get started on your case.