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The offenses under the Alabama Criminal Code for fraud include business or insurance fraud, the misuse of food stamps, and forgery. The penalties for a conviction under these statutes range from serious prison time to stiff fines. Regardless of the exact nature of the charges, a professional Hoover fraud lawyer can offer legal assistance and aggressive representation to the accused. A dedicated Hoover fraud lawyer can help individuals accused of fraud to either form a fair plea deal or to fight the charges through a full trial. By analyzing the exact statute under which an individual has been charged, a determined defense attorney can work to discredit the prosecution’s case and to defend your freedom and reputation. Read on to learn more about how a weathered Hoover fraud lawyer could make a difference in your case today.

Deceptive Business Practices

Fraud laws in Alabama concern not just fraud, but also other offenses such as forgery, misuse of credit cards, and possession of a forged instrument. One example of fraud that a Hoover fraud lawyer might come across is deceptive business practices. This is defined under AL Code 13A-9-41 as using any false weight or measure to determine a quantity of a product. Stores that alter weight tags or modify scales to over-weigh goods may be charged under this statute. A conviction will result in a Class B Misdemeanor.


In Alabama, there are four classes of forgery that range in severity from Class A Misdemeanors to Class B Felonies. The severity of a forgery offense is determined by the type of document that was alleged to have been forged under AL Code 13A-9-2, including:

  • 1st Degree: Stamps, securities, or government documents that have a monetary value
  • 2nd Degree: Deeds, wills, or codicils. Public records or any document issued by a government agency
  • 3rd Degree: Checks or other bank-issued documents
  • 4th Degree: Any other type of document

AL Code 13A-9-5 also makes it a crime to merely possess any forged document if a someone knows that it is forged. A skilled Hoover fraud lawyer can assist those accused of such crimes with aggressive legal representation in court.

Providing False Information to Police

A final example of fraud includes giving a false name or address to a police officer. This charge is usually added onto other underlying charges. According to AL Code 13A-9-18.1, a conviction under this statute will be a Class A Misdemeanor. The penalties for the individual types of fraud are contained in their statutes. They can range from violations resulting in minor fines all the way up to a Class B felony, which under AL Code 13A-5-6 carries a minimum term of two years in prison up to 20 years maximum.

How a Hoover Fraud Lawyer Can Help

Whether someone has been charged with a minor form of fraud involving passing a bad check, or as a business owner overseeing a major fraudulent scheme, a seasoned Hoover fraud lawyer can offer their assistance. While the definitions of fraud and forgery in Alabama are numerous, know that an attorney can help you better understand the nature of the charges being brought against you. Take a positive step towards protecting your personal and financial freedom by reaching out to a qualified Hoover fraud lawyer today.

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