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An aggressive Hoover prostitution lawyer can represent someone who has been charged with prostitution, regardless of its form. If you are facing an accusation for prostitution, it may be critical to contact a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible. Read on to learn more about how Hoover defines prostitution, as well as the ways a dedicated Hoover prostitution lawyer could make a difference in your case.

Hoover Prostitution Laws

The definition of prostitution is contained in AL Code 13A-12-120, stating that prostitution is the performance of any natural or unnatural sexual act, or sexual contact, for money or anything of value. It is worth noting here that sexual intercourse is not required, only some sort of sexual contact. Alternate definitions are also outlined in AL Code 13A-12-121. This expands prostitution beyond its most well-known definition to include:

  • Compelling, soliciting, or coercing anyone into a sex act for money
  • Simply agreeing to provide sex in exchange for money. No actual sexual act is needed if the prosecutor can prove that the accused individual had an agreement to participate
  • Operating a prostitution enterprise
  • Soliciting patrons for prostitution

A knowledgeable Hoover prostitution lawyer can assist those in need of more information regarding these alternate definitions, and how they may change one’s approach to a case’s defense.

Following Accusations of a Sexual Exchange

Individuals who serve as handlers for prostitutes, hire prostitutes, or force someone into prostitution will be charged with prostitution. While the wording can be confusing, if someone has taken any part in an exchange of sex for money, they may be charged with prostitution. Each violation is considered a Class A Misdemeanor. According to AL Code 13A-5-7, a conviction for a Class A Misdemeanor can result in up to one year in county jail. AL Code 13A-5-12 also allows fines of up to $6,000 to be imposed. Regardless of the penalty, a conviction will remain on an individual’s criminal record as well.

How a Hoover Prostitution Lawyer Can Help

Being charged with prostitution, either as a participant, a handler, or solicitor, can be a daunting situation. While most individuals generally associate prostitution charges with actually offering sex for money, know that Alabama can charge anyone associated with or seeking out sex acts in exchange for anything of value. While a conviction under any of these definitions will be listed as prostitution on a criminal record, you have the right to a defense in court to maintain your freedom.

A Hoover prostitution lawyer can represent individuals who have been charged with all types of prostitution charges. By analyzing the prosecutor’s case and talking with witnesses, an attorney can prepare a thorough and knowledgeable defense. From the very moment that someone is arrested, it is vitally important to hire effective counsel. From arraignment and bail hearings, through pre-trial motions, to a final trial, an attorney will be by your side fighting to protect your freedom. A conviction for prostitution can result in up to one year in jail with heavy fines, as well as a mark on your criminal record. Let a skilled Hoover prostitution lawyer defend you and your reputation.