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Moving violations can increase insurance costs, incur hefty fines, and add points to driving records. However, a knowledgeable and seasoned attorney may help reduce or eliminate some of the penalties and aggravation a traffic ticket can cause. Speak with a Hoover traffic lawyer today.

Traffic Tickets For Moving Violations

Traffic violations in Hoover fall into two categories. Some offenses do not require a court appearance if the driver does not contest or wish to fight the citation. Other offenses require a court appearance regardless of the plea entered.

Depending on the nature of the offense, traffic violations may carry a fine as well as court costs and can cost between $180 and $230 in penalties at a minimum. Factoring in the potential for increased insurance costs, however, the total expense for a traffic violation can run into the thousands of dollars.

A guilty plea or conviction may also impede someone’s ability to fight future traffic violations. Some traffic violations can result in a suspension of the operator’s drivers license, which can affect family life and employment, and will almost certainly increase the cost of future automobile insurance.

Defending Against Traffic Violations

When someone receives a citation for a traffic violation, an appearance date is noted on the citation. Often these appearances can be avoided, and in many cases a Hoover traffic lawyer can appear on behalf of a client prior to or on the date of the hearing, in order to meet with the prosecutor and argue for a lesser charge or dismissal.

Pre-Trial Disposition of Traffic Offenses

When a traffic violation is negotiated down from the original offense to a lesser charge, the matter may sometimes be settled without a trial. For example, a reckless driving charge for excessive speed could potentially be negotiated down to a simple speeding offense. As a result, the fine will be lower—and perhaps more importantly, fewer points are charged to the client’s driving record.

If the police made any errors when charging someone with a traffic violation, of if the facts of the case do not support the charge, the case may even be dismissed with no fine or points on the ticketed individual’s driving record. Contact a Hoover traffic lawyer to learn more.

Trial for Traffic Violations

If a traffic case is not resolved through negotiation, the case may then go to trial. At trial, the police officer who issued the citation must appear and give testimony about what they observed and how these facts constituted a traffic violation.

If the police officer does not appear, the case is dismissed. If the police officer does appear, the officer can be questioned about their ability to recall the facts of the case, their ability to observe the offense at the time of the citation, and other relevant components of the case. The person who received the citation may also choose to testify at trial and give their version of events.

Get Help with Legal Defense from a Hoover Traffic Attorney

If you are charged with a traffic violation in Hoover or surrounding areas, you can contact a Hoover traffic lawyer today and set an appointment to discuss your case. Call today, and you could have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney on your side to help you in your traffic violation case.