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Depending on the conditions of your probation, a DUI conviction could result in your probation being revoked. Convictions may also lead to any number of penalties associated with the DUI. Facing this situation alone may be overwhelming. An aggressive Jefferson County DUI while on probation lawyer could work to help you fight your charges.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is advisable to seek a well-practiced attorney’s assistance before deciding how to proceed with your case. A skilled DUI lawyer could help you understand both the DUI laws and probation requirements associated with your case.

Laws Regarding Probation in Jefferson County

Jefferson County’s probation laws and penalties are outlined in Chapter 22 of Title 15 of the Code of Alabama. Those on probation are typically required to comply with probationary terms determined by the court and probation officers. Conditions may include requirements such as maintaining gainful employment, staying sober, and participating in certain probation programs.

Committing a new offense or violating the conditions of probation by driving under the influence may result in the court choosing to revoke probation and a return an individual to custody. A DUI attorney with an understanding of Jefferson County probation terms could help those facing charges dissect probation requirements and answer questions about how charges could affect probation.

DUI Laws and Penalties

DUI laws and penalties are described in Title 32 of the Code of Alabama, which outlines laws relating to motor vehicles and traffic. Similar to most states, Alabama prohibits driving under the influence of intoxicating substances. This may include alcohol, narcotics, and other types of drugs.

DUI convictions carry serious penalties in Jefferson County. Penalties may include a term of imprisonment, fines, and mandatory participation in a substance abuse or DUI program. In some cases, the court may also suspend a convicted individual’s license, or require the installation of an ignition interlock device onto the convicted person’s car. The penalties are more severe for individuals with prior DUI convictions, as outlined in Alabama’s code on motor vehicles and traffic. If someone has specific questions regarding a subsequent DUI while on probation, a Jefferson County DUI while on probation lawyer could explain the possible penalties of a later conviction.

Talking to a Jefferson County DUI While on Probation Attorney

Facing any charges of a DUI by yourself may not be easy. The many intricacies of both the law and the criminal justice system could make it challenging to fight charges on your own. Many individuals find navigating the criminal justice system confusing and facing charges while on probation can be particularly frightening. There are several ways a Jefferson County DUI while on probation attorney could help.

An attorney could answer questions regarding the possible penalties for a conviction of the DUI charges, and how such charges may affect probation status. Allow a Jefferson County lawyer to provide the legal assistance you need to safeguard your rights and stand by your side during all legal proceedings.

Before handling your case alone, consider seeking an attorney to represent you and your interests. Contact a Jefferson County DUI while on probation lawyer to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward defending your name.