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In Jefferson County, DUI without a license charge can lead to a challenging case. If you are in this situation, you may face separate charges for the DUI and for driving without a license. Consequently, you may wish to retain a lawyer with experience defending both DUI accusations and traffic violations to help you deal with Jefferson County DUI without a license charges.

Navigating the legal system is not a simple undertaking, notably if you are unfamiliar with the relevant laws and how to best defend yourself against criminal charges. A dedicated DUI lawyer could provide legal guidance and help you fight for a positive resolution to a difficult situation.

The Role of an Attorney

A Jefferson County attorney could help people facing DUI without a license charges in several ways. After answering questions regarding specific charges a person is facing, an attorney could also outline the possible penalties a convicted person may face for each charge.

Since people facing a DUI without a license accusation charges may have multiple charges brought against them, a lawyer could explain the charges, provide legal representation, and work to protect a person’s due process rights.

Laws and Penalties for Driving Without A License

Title 32 of the Code of Alabama details laws pertaining to motor vehicles and traffic, including requirements for operating a vehicle legally. One such law requires drivers to possess valid, unexpired driver’s licenses that have not been suspended, canceled, or revoked. A person’s probation for previous offenses may also be impacted by a DUI without a license charge.

Anyone found driving without a license in Jefferson County could face a misdemeanor offense that may result in the following penalties:

  • Fines between $10 to $100
  • A court processing fee of $50
  • A delayed ability to apply for a valid license

While these penalties are relatively minor, being convicted of a misdemeanor offense would result in a permanent record. People could also face additional penalties if they are found driving without a license while under the influence.

Penalties for a DUI

The penalties for a Jefferson County DUI are outlined in the Code of Alabama under Title 32. This statute indicates that it is against the law to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Convictions for a DUI could carry harsh penalties, This may include potential prison sentences, fines, and forced enrollment in DUI or substance abuse programs. The length of a sentence or the total value of fines may depend on the number of any prior DUI convictions an individual has. The court may also order the installation of an approved ignition interlock device on someone’s vehicle. A DUI lawyer familiar with traffic laws could answer any questions regarding situations involving DUI charges against those without a valid Jefferson County license.

Speak with a Lawyer About Jefferson County DUI Without a License Charges

Trying to fight Jefferson County DUI without a license charges on your own could be extremely challenging. In such cases, it may be best to work with someone who understands the laws pertaining to both misdemeanor traffic offenses and accusations of driving under the influence.

A DUI without license lawyer could help you navigate the legal system and work to ensure your due process rights are protected. Allow a dedicated attorney to help you fight for a positive outcome. Reach out to a DUI without a license lawyer today to discuss your case and learn more about your legal options.