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The legal process involved in federal criminal charges can be overwhelming and confusing. Navigating it with the help of an attorney dedicated to providing individualized attention to you and your case is often an important part of successfully defending against these charges.

However, any number of circumstances could that lead to a federal conviction. When that happens, the United States Constitution allows defendants, with the help of a credible attorney, the right to appeal that conviction under certain circumstances. If you find yourself facing a federal conviction, a Jefferson County federal appeals lawyer could help you advocate for your rights throughout the federal appeals process.

Basics of an Appeal

It is important to remember that while an appeal may result in an order for a new trial, an appeal is not a new trial itself. Instead, an appeal seeks to question the verdict of the lower court, usually by highlighting an error in some part of the legal process leading to a conviction. Generally, an error must have had a substantial impact on the outcome of the trial for it to qualify as grounds for an appeal.

The overall process of an appeal is also different. There is typically no admission of evidence, though an individual appeal may focus on the role certain evidence played in a conviction.

Typical Grounds for Appeal 

A Jefferson County federal appeals lawyer could review the record related to a criminal conviction to help determine the best grounds for a potential appeal. Typically, these include one or more of the following circumstances:

  1. The lower court made an error in applying the law
  2. The lower court abused its discretion
  3. The evidence in the trial does not support the verdict
  4. Counsel for the defendant was ineffective

Components of an Appeal 

There are two main components in the appeals process in Lawrence County. The first is the written brief that a Jefferson County federal appeals lawyer will file on behalf of their client—in this case, the appellant. This brief will contain the legal basis for the appeal, usually citing laws that help support the grounds for the appeal. It is important for these briefs to be detailed, thorough, organized, and well-written to effectively advocate for the appellant’s position.

While not as common as they once were, appeals may include an oral arguments component. At this stage, an appellate attorney appears in front of the judges that determine the outcome of the appeal, presenting their client’s case and taking questions from the judges throughout the time allotted to them. This is often an effective way to highlight important points from the written brief.

How a Jefferson County Federal Criminal Attorney Could Help

Federal appeals require a thorough approach to important details of the case in order to develop a concrete strategy for your appeal. With so much at stake when it comes to being convicted of a crime at any level, working with an experienced federal appeals lawyer who understands the appeals process, as well as the many nuances involved in it, could be a critical part of your strategy during appeals.

If you are convicted of federal criminal charges and want to explore the options available to you in appealing your conviction, call a dedicated Jefferson County federal appeals lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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