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Contrary to many other white-collar offenses, anyone from an entry-level employee to wealthy CEOs could find themselves accused of embezzlement. If you were accused of this white-collar offense, the penalties upon conviction might be frighteningly severe.

When facing criminal charges of any kind, it is generally important to have representation from a capable criminal attorney. Retaining the professional skills of a Jefferson County embezzlement lawyer could help you contest these allegations. Let a skilled fraud attorney construct a defense case that looks out for your rights and best interests.

What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a form of theft since it involves obtaining someone else’s property without their consent for personal gain. Consequently, embezzlement falls within the purview of Alabama Criminal Code §13A-8-3 if the alleged offense involved $2,500 or more, or subsequent provisions if the amount at issue was less than $2,500.

Specifically, embezzlement occurs when sometimes uses for personal gain money or other property which another person deliberately placed in their control. A classic example of embezzlement is when an accountant, who was trusted and given control of money by their employer, pockets the funds instead and uses it for themselves rather than the interests of the company and the owners of those funds.

As the most frequent victim of embezzlement, businesses are afforded additional protections under the law in Jefferson County. Of specific importance is the Alabama Professionals and Business Code §34-13-7, which could add to the severity of an embezzlement allegation if the incident involved the board of directors of a business. The additional charge under this statute could make it even more important to retain the skills of a Jefferson County embezzlement lawyer.

Penalties for Misappropriating Funds

Most charges of embezzlement involve more than $2,500, and so are considered Class B felonies. These are punishable with up to $30,000 in fines, additional restitution of the purportedly embezzled funds, and a jail sentence of between two and 20 years.

If the alleged embezzlement involved a company’s board of directors, there may also be an additional conviction for another independent charge of embezzling the board. This is another felony offense which carries another jail term of between one and five years, as well as another fine of between $500 and $5,000.

Once the fines are paid and the jail sentence and subsequent probation completed, defendants often still have to deal with the collateral consequences of having an embezzlement conviction in their criminal history. Anyone who conducts a background check may find this prior offense, including potential employers and landlords. The potential importance of keeping a clean criminal record is just one more possible reason to hire a seasoned Jefferson County attorney to defend against an allegation of embezzlement.

Schedule a Consultation with a Jefferson County Embezzlement Attorney

If you were accused of embezzlement, you may need strong legal representation to combat the charges effectively. Especially if the allegation involves embezzling funds from your employer, the penalties of a conviction could be steep and may impact the rest of your life.

While overcoming the cost of having a prior offense of embezzlement in your past may not be easy, a Jefferson County embezzlement lawyer could help you do so as efficiently as possible. Call today to start exploring your legal options.

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